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Cinemaelectronica is an open space for discussion of digital cinema, the arts, politics, and anything else which is of interest to participants.  The history of CE is that back some years ago – 1998 or so, if I recall about right – DV magazine asked me, Jon Jost, to moderate a forum for their magazine, dealing with “creative” aspects of digital video.  At a later juncture DV magazine was bought by some other corporation which after a bit committed a corporate act of typical clutziness, and closed down the forum without informing anyone before hand, and when they resumed they wanted everyone to register.  In response participants in the forum decided to leave DV magazine, and set up cinemaelectronica as a collaboratively done forum, and was born, rather spontaneously.  I became sort of de facto moderator, though I had no formal position, was not technical administrator until recently.  As CE seems to have devolved into what is almost functionally a blog with the posts of just a handful of people, and had a quarterly running cost of $65, I thought it might be a good idea to shift to a “free” mode and see if we can carry on in a new format.  We’ll find out.


  1. Werner Herzog Rogue film school:

    You never asked for $1400.00 for a weekend, did you?You’re missing out!

    • This is the first time I’ve heard that sometimes a rise in CO2 leads to a rise in Temp, and sometimes a rise in temp leads a rise in CO2. Every other source I’ve ever read states emphaticallky that a rise in temp ALWAYS leads a rise in CO2..

      • I have no idea to whom you are replying here or what. But, not into censorship…

  2. Dropped in after having read your comment today re: Bob Herbert’s Invitation to Disaster. Great posts here, though I still think that Friedman and especially his book Hot, Flat and Crowded is vital reading. Anyhow, this place is great, can’t wait to read more, keep up the attitude, keep shaking the monkeys off their trees.

  3. Hi Jon:

    I came to know you through the commentary pages of the New York Times. A fellow commentariot one might say. Today, you are commentator #59 and I am commentator #191 on!

    From your bio, I found out that you grew up during the era of the Vietnam War, and so did I in a slightly different ways. I am older than you are by a decade or so. However we share a similar political and philosophical outlook if judged from the tones and the substances of our blog posts and commentaries (although your command of the languages and the arts far surpassed anything that I dare to aspire). You are a writer, and I am not.

    I am a retired engineering scientist, a half-breed interested in the nature of thinking between man and machine. As in the field of artificial intelligence which was a rage during the 70s and 80s. Now looking at it through the back log of unfulfilled promises, it is a decaying field of academic study.

    However, from that foray, I have learn one thing, i.e. it is against human nature to be “scientific” in every facets of our life. In fact, it is against the laws of Nature to be so single-minded, viz. trying to be too “precise” where it need not be. I hope I can try to articulate that note from Nature in my blog.

    My blog as it stands is jerry-built, a dock for uploading of my hasty thoughts while I shop around for a blog design that I like. (I like the simplicity and elegance of your blogs!)

    I named my blog “If It Were So Big …”
    as a play on words on what Queen Elizabeth said of the Financial Crisis of 2008: “If these things were so large, how come everyone missed them?”.

    The crux of the matter between a thinking man and a “thinking” machine is – as I see it — the amount of “data” that each consumes. I seek to understand the commonsense of a man as a David to the Goliath of a machine gobbling gigabytes of data to accomplish the same ends.

    Before the internet, we make real friends over dinners and drinks, now we have easier ways of doing it through e-mails and blog posts.


    Than Tin
    01-10-2010 nyc

  4. Hi-

    After reading a NYT and reading your site, , I knew you were friend and not foe.

    Frankly, after reading the website, I was in tears, as my experience (I am am 65) confirmed your descriptions and analysis.

    I am in close friendship with a former logic student of mine – Nathan Hill, who is a movie director and editor (having edited Steppen) and director and producer of American Bomber. I sent him your wsebsite, and he will be in touch with you, assuming he can find contact information.

    Meanwhile my contact information is . My phone is (480) 299-9980. My SKYPE user name is: jeremy.horne . My website is: . I suspect that this latter – SKYPE – is the best route by which we can talk, as it appears that you are in South Korea.

    My immediate proposal, given your keen perspective on the political-economic scene, is that we collaborate on a work I have had in progress: The Amerikan Fascist. This is predicated upon my Johns Hopkins senior thesis, The American Fascist, and my doctoral dissertation, Americanism vs. Communism, the Institutionalization of an Ideology (the latter of which is searchable on the web).

    You show a keen insight on world affairs, and I think you’d make a valuable contribution to a work explaining to the people why matters have gone so awry.

    If you are interested in discussing matters further, please, by all means contact me.

    Warm regards,


    Jeremy Horne, Ph.D.

  5. Jon,

    I’ve read you comments on the NYTimes pages and here many times. Like your blogs (even left comments a couple of times.) Now I wonder how to send you an email. I have a question, and maybe a proposal, which I don’t want everyone to see, just you. My email is below.

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