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Monthly Archives: June 2015


This August we’ll be off, Marcella and I, to Jakarta to participate in the Arkipel Film Festival.  I’ll be screening two films – either Coming to Terms or They Had It Coming, and Imagens de uma Cidade Perdida, as well as doing a “master class” and being on the jury.  Below is the list of films I get to see:

1.Cinza / Ashes (Micael Espinha, Portugal, 2014)
2.Beep (Kim Kyungman, South Korea, 2014)
3.Que Dia é Hoje? / What Day is Today? (Colectivo Fotograma 24, Group of Young People from Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, 2015)
4.Krieg der Lügen / War of Lies (Matthias Bittner, Germany, 2014)
5.Les Tourmentes / For the Lost (Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd, France/Belgium, 2014)
6.All That is Solid (Eva Kolcze, Canada, 2014)
7.A.D.A.M. (Vladislav Knežević, Croatia, 2014)
8.Paisaje con Perro Roto / Landscape with Broken Dog (Orazio Leogrande, Italy, 2014)
9.Thing (Anouk de Clercq, Belgium, 2013)
10.Sarah(k.) (Christophe Bisson, France, 2014)
11.Meio Corte / Half-Cut (Nikolai Nekh, Portugal, 2013)
12.Continuous Lines (Diana Pacheco, Hungary/Ecuador, 2014)
13.Binario / Binary (Giuseppe Riccardi, Spain, 2014)
14.Infrastructures (Aurèle Ferrier, Switzerland, 2014)
15.Killing Time (Rafi Shor, Israel, 2015)
16.A Place I’ve Never Been (Adrian Flury, Switzerland, 2014)
17.I Dance with God (Hooshang Mirzaee, Iran, 2013)
18.A Barca (Pablo Briones, Switzerland, 2015)
19.Je Suis le Peuple / I Am the People (Anna Roussillon, France, 2014)
20.El Corral y el Viento / The Corral and the Wind (Miguel Hilari, Bolivia, 2014)
21.Dark Matter (Karel Doing, The Netherlands, 2014)
22.Little Girl with Iron Fist (Luca Mandrile, Claudio di Mambro, & Umberto Migliaccio, Italy, 2013)
23.Time and Place (Martijn Veldhoen, The Netherlands, 2014)
24.Grace Period (Caroline Key & Kim Kyung-mook, South Korea, 2014)
25.Tom and Jerry (Ekkaphob Sumsiripong, Thailand, 2014)
26.The Private Life of Fenfen (Leslie Tai, China/USA, 2013)
27.Entre ici et là-bas / Between Here and There (Alexia Bonta, Belgium, 2014)
28.Mutasalilun / Infiltrators (Khaled Jarrar, Palestine/United Arab of Emirates/Lebanon, 2013)
29.El Juego del Escondite / Hide and Seek (David Muñoz, Spain, 2015)
30.state-theatre #5 BEIRUT (Daniel Kötter & Constanze Fishbeck, Lebanon/Germany, 2014)
31.One Blue Bird (Hasumi Shiraki, Japan, 2015)
32.Fractions (Guillaume Mazloum, France, 2014)
33.Endless, Nameless (Mont Tesprateep, Thailand, 2014)
34.Flor Azul (Raul Domingues, Portugal, 2014)
35.The Nation (Pieter Geenen, Belgium, 2014)

enlarged sharp

We’ll be there 12 days, and hope to meet new people, make new friends, and explore and enjoy a place neither Marcella nor I have been to before.  We have been across the Straits of Malacca, in Malaysia.