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A few things along the cinema front.

On Sunday, July 22, my friend Toshi Fujiwara will be screening his new film, No Man’s Zone, in New York at the Japan Society.   I highly recommend going for a look.  Toshi will be there to introduce and discuss afterwards.  Here’s a few reviews on it: Hollywood Reporter and The Wall Street Journal.    These are two sources primarily concerned with money, and not art, or the things art attempts to reveal, so I’d say they are somewhat jaundiced in their views.

Here’s a YouTube trailer, made for the Berlin Festival (Forum) screening last February.



And then I have started a Vimeo channel, posting things I have made, old and new, and likely I’ll post, with OK from authors, other items which I think should be seen.   The URL is this.   Later on I will be starting a channel, for subscribers, to the upcoming new film, Plain Songs: Essaying America.   It’ll be embedded in a blog by same name that I’ll be starting soon.

And, for High Def fetishists, a friend in Missoula sent a notice along about NHK’s new Super Hi-Vision camera with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels.  Soon we can just replace reality with something better….  Or perhaps we should think about our quasi-Neo-con con-job of thinking the virtual realities we make are an improvement on the mundane reality we have at hand.