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As the saga of George Zimmerman moves on, there has been a flush of “new information” which apparently has sent the right-wing into bloggeria mania.  Intent on proving that Trayvon Martin was just another “n-word” and that Zimmerman is some kind of heroic vigilante figure, they’ve gone bonkers over the purported “evidence” released by the Sanford FL police department.  Of course in this evidence, there’s some odd stuff, which the press, seemingly working in tandem with those out to twist the story.  The above tape was released early, and as noted by some, Zimmerman neither looks nor behaves as if he had just been in a life and death tussle, during which he admittedly shot Martin in the chest.  He claimed that he did so as Martin was sprawled atop him, pummeling him and making him fear for his life.   Note, though, that there’s no blood all over Zimmerman, which there certainly would be had Martin been above him (or actually anywhere in physical contact).  Nor in the tape is there any evidence of the alleged black-eyes and scratches which the police claimed were there.  Rather there is a rather casual and unharmed-looking Zimmerman, and similarly casual police behavior.   Zimmerman was released that night, and the “forensic” photographs which the police released were taken the next day.

This was the photograph taken the evening of the event.  Notice the lack of black eyes, any visible damage to head or face.   Also notice the civilian shirt, not the same as in the video.

And the next day, here is Mr Zimmerman, in prison jumpsuit, shaven, cleaned up and….  and sporting the wounds allegedly inflicted by Mr Martin the previous night. And this is how the New York Times reported it:

Mr. Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch volunteer at the gated community called Retreat at Twin Lakes, in Sanford, Fla., where the shooting took place. He suffered a broken nose, black eyes, cuts to the back of his head and back pains, all of which he said were the result of a struggle with Mr. Martin, who was unarmed.   NYT  May 18 2012.

None of the things I have read (not at all exhaustive) have pointed out that the above jump-suit photos were taken the day after Mr Zimmerman was allowed to return home.  For other’s views on this see this.

One of the officers to respond to the Retreat arrived there to find “George Zimmerman, in protective custody, which I know to be the head of the neighborhood watch,” the officer stated in a report.

“Zimmerman appeared to have a broken and a bloody nose and swelling of his face,” the report said.

According to a report by another officer, Timothy Smith, the police offered Mr. Zimmerman the chance to be taken to hospital at least three times — at the scene, during the ride to the police station and after arriving at the station — and he declined each time.

Nor do the reports make much of the fact that George Zimmerman’s father is a retired State Judge and lawyer, with close connections to the Florida legal establishment.   The above provides transparent evidence that the police and high up elements of the Florida State Justice system are engaged in an on-going cover-up of the murder of Trayvon Martin, presumably in the interests of Zimmerman’s father.

Ina Drew

Of course follies are not limited to Florida, though the Sunshine State has demonstrated a high capacity for jiggling the law in the interests of certain favored souls – recall the hanging chads and the Supreme Court’s decision to award the Presidency to the Governor of Florida’s brother after many dubious electoral antics.    The above charming woman is Ina Drew, formerly the 4th highest paid ($14 million) member of the JP Morgan clan’s executive.  She is now the somewhat disgraced scape-goat of the moment (along with The London Whale, one Bruno Iksil, a trader for JPM), canned for her part in the 3 billion and counting losses which Jamie Dimon chalks up to “stupid” actions.   Of course that those might also be illegal is another matter for our sterling courts to deal with.  And we can pretty much guess how they’ll be dealt with – in the same warped manner that Trayvon’s death is being handled.


Drawing thanks to Stephen Lack


  1. THis is pretty much as fucked up as I suspected. GOD BLESS AMERICA

    • John Beresford Tipton
    • Posted November 10, 2013 at 6:54 am
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    Oh please tell me why we let them back in the Union!

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