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Goldman Sachs CIA Corporate ConspiracyAnti OWS snow-job

In what is obviously a conspiracy orchestrated by Goldman Sachs, the CIA, the HSA, and the Department of Meteorology, an autumn storm has dumped snow onto Zuccotti Park in New York City, in a blatant and vicious effort to rein in the burgeoning Occupy movement.   A spokesperson for the Department of Defense issued a formal statement of regret for the vast collateral damage incurred in the region, with countless trees felled and electricity knocked out for over two million customers.   The statement however said that the storm was a necessary move in light of the sneaky and pernicious nature of the Occupiers, who would not stay in their appointed “free speech zones” but instead had morphed across the nation.   He said if national security required it, further “snowjobs” would be unleashed.   Elsewhere, lacking the subtlety of the New York tactic, police have attacked Occupiers in Denver Colorado and numerous other parts of the nation.   The Homeland Security Agency released a copy of the Patriot Act, stating it wished to remind the public that the Bill of Rights listed in the Constitution was not applicable during the War on Terror and that Occupiers were at risk of drone attacks authorized by the President if they did not fold their tents and shut up.

Denver police keeping the peace

In the same week as it was announced that the US and Iraq had failed to make a deal, and that US troops would be pulling out by the end of the year, the Pentagon informed the nation that a middle-east build-up would occur, with troops being positioned in Kuwait and in other nations in the region with pliable governments and lots of oil.   The Pentagon announcement  named the new operation as “The Great Shell Game.”  It follows the old “Operation Enduring Freedom.” The Pentagon spokesperson did not explain which meaning of “enduring” was used in the previous operation.  However, Iraqi informants suggested that the populace there had had enough of this kind of “freedom.”   Apparently this puts them in same place as American “Occupiers.”

US troops in farewell ceremony in Tikrit, Iraq, Saddam’s old home townAnother farewell in an American town

One of the reasons whyAnd anotherTimothy Geithner, Sec. of the Treasury, former Goldman Sachs guy

American ExceptionalismP.T. “There’s a sucker born every minute” BarnumTeddy Roosevelt

“These men combine to bring about as much financial stress as possible, in order to discredit the policy of government and thereby secure a reversal of that policy, so they may enjoy unmolested the fruits of their own evil doings. I regard this contest as one that will determine who shall rule this free country-the people through their chosen representatives, or a few ruthless and domineering men whose wealth makes them peculiarly formidable because they hide behind the breastworks of corporate organization.”

Teddy Roosevelt

Police State America (Oakland)

Resist.  Occupy.


    • I took a look at this and I must say the flippant nature of it seems to me to suggest a person unopen and already decided in their thoughts – sort of like, well, a conservative. Bike messenger or not.

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