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While usually it is Brooks or Douthat which buries my comments at #312 or so, or simply (without using their deleted notice) doesn’t bother to print one, yesterday it was Krugman’s op-ed comments which did so.  I was early (as the early numbers on the other two things I responded to indicated – and I did his first) but was not printed.  Here’s what I wrote:

The bleeding is a purposeful and deliberate policy of the oligarchy which now governs us. Its function is to whip the vast majority into fearful compliance, to render those who work into serfs, and to leave those who cannot find work helpless, stripped of the social safety systems built in the wake of the Great Depression. It is not stupidity or ignorance, but deliberate policy we are seeing: those who advocate austerity wish to take full control of society, and put “in their place” all those who are under them. They commenced by obtaining free trade agreements, manipulating with the IMF, the World Bank and other mechanisms so that they can relocate their profit making businesses to places with the lowest labor costs, least regulations, absence of environmental protections. Having stripped the US of most manufacturing (except weapons and food), they now have a subservient populace willing to work for 3rd world level pay and no benefits.

It is, as the Republicans have yelped, class war-fare, but as Warren Buffet says, it is being done by the wealthy against the middle-class and poor. And they are, as he says, winning.

I don’t know who does the editing in the op-ed section, but it seems some things can’t be said in America.  I guess the above is one of them.

Meantime in the parlance of the day, Obama appears to have come out swinging, as the Republican chorus says, waging “class warfare.”   His proposed package for cutting 3 trillion from the deficit in 10 years actually suggests taxing the richest, and this, in the current Tea Party climate is virtually treasonous, hence the hysteria on the right. (See Mr Brooks today.)

Once upon a time in America

Of course, in Obama fashion, this sop to the left just happens to include many a sop to the right.  As we have grown accustomed to, Obama’s crab-like movement is always from some quasi-centrist position to the right.  However, needing to placate his ostensible left base, which has grown volubly noisier and unhappier with each passing move, Obama needs to posture as a populist.  So out of the bag comes the tough talk about taxing the rich, whose worst prospect is that the Bush give-away will lapse.  Poor devils.

UPDATE:  I spoke too soon.  On Sept 20, responding to a David Brooks column, the censors got out the scissors, right on cue – here’s what I wrote:

Mr Brooks, I concur with you – you are a sap. This likely explains your sappy thinking, and your sappy use of statistics. For example:

\”In reality, the top 10 percent of earners pay nearly 70 percent of all income taxes, according to the I.R.S. \”

But you neglect to say that that same top 10% makes more than (and owns more than) 70% of the wealth of the USA. You then claim (against other evidence) that wealthy people pay 31% in taxes while middling lower income people pay 14. Other statistics, cited in this paper of record, indicate the wealthy pay 17% and the normal $50K a year earner pays 20%.

In this column you drop your sometimes liberal seeming pose and show your fangs for the rich. Not that anyone reading between the lines didn’t see that like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, they usually show in that curious smile of yours. You are a shill for wealth, and nothing more. And that is what makes you a sap.

David Brooks, sap and shill

More Censorship, Sept 22, reply to general editorial comment on execution of Troy Davis:

Justice in America. Racist, classist, a tool to suppress blacks, hispanics, and those with lower incomes. The statistics on the death penalty tilts heavily towards those who are dark skinned, have low incomes. A little of this may be a reflection of the divide of money; the larger part is a reflection of the class conscious/racist administration of justice. Money buys one out of court; poverty puts you in. The nation’s biggest, most devastating criminals wear costly suits and work in finance – but we don’t see them in the courts.

Written by an “ex-con”, 1965-67 for the heinous crime of refusing to fill out form SS 1000 and hence to serve in the governments authorized killing organization.

Troy Davis is scheduled to be yet another victim of another branch of our socially sanctioned killing bureaucracy. In the name of  “justice.”

And, reply to the ever idiotic Thomas Friedman:

“They would understand, as President Eisenhower did….” that our military-industrial complex, eating up 50-70% of each year’s Federal “discretionary spending” was a threat to the nation. He warned of it in his Farewell Speech. Read it. And he warned of all the rest to.

Mr Friedman does not address the bloated military-industrial establishment and how it has severely warped the country – financially, morally, politically. [How could he, one of its ardent cheer-leaders not so long ago as we invade Iraq with Thomas and his pom-poms there on the safe side-lines?] He does not address the toxic language of the right – the same one he cheered for many years; he does not address the corporate “flat world” of which he was a champion, which sent American jobs abroad to places of low-cost labor, no unions, no workplace regulations, no environmental protection laws, and which in turn produced the unemployment in America while making for massive profits in the boardrooms of those same corporations.

Instead Mr Friedman sits back dismayed at the squabbling incurred by the very practices he championed. And then he pretends to be a wise man passing out instructions for the betterment of our future. He should retire.

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