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As if to signal just who runs the world these days, Standard and Poor, the ratings makers for our friends the bankers, issued a warning that the European community’s bail out for Greece was not going to pass muster if the bankers had to take any losses.  So S&P said (on behalf of their banking buddies), the current deal would be considered a default default, as it were, and if so, it was implied, the whole banking system would tumble down again.  Translating this into the myriad languages of Europe, it comes down to pretty much the same thing as the ultimatum issued in 2008 by America’s bankers: give us the money or the sky falls.

In so far as bankers, such as, for example, Goldman Sachs, were intimately involved in instructing Greece how to jiggle the books to make themselves look better, and naturally made a mountain of money for their sterling advice, and have no doubt bet against their own advice with a Credit Default Swap, and in turn American banks flush with their 800 billion heist from Uncle Sam and their .5 % “drawing rights” promptly loaned money to Europe’s banks for a far higher interest rate, the underlying (and overlying) reality is that Europe’s banks, if not bailed out as were America’s, will not be able to pay the American banks who loaned them the funny money of the Fed.  So S&P enters to act as a mafia enforcer, informing the governments that once again, the public must pay the piper, or else.  Or else the whole ponzi scheme of international globalized banking/rape, will fall apart.  Perhaps this is all in celebration of the IMF former honcho suddenly being relieved of worries in New York, since being raped when caught lying about other things no longer constitutes  being raped, and of course an upstanding man like DKS would never impose himself on a lowly hotel maid.  It is like the IMF is – they rape little economically weak countries and tell them it is good for them – don’t worry, you’ll like it.

In America it is July 4th, the 235th celebration of independence from Britain, though we lost count how long America has been slavishly dependent upon our good friends in the banking community.

Happy 235th !


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