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Lightening strike in Paris

The news Twittered across the Atlantic before the press had a chance and the Parisian public awoke to find their most likely predicted next President locked up in a New York slammer, charged with attempted rape.  Dominique Strauss-Kahn, President of the IMF, was the Socialist party’s most probable candidate for the upcoming elections in France, and led by wide margins in polls pitting him against President Sarkozy.   Today his chances look dim, and France is abuzz with rumors and speculations, political and otherwise.  While those in power in France are famed for that particular savoir faire regarding sexual mores and behaviors, even in the highest offices (or perhaps especially there), and perhaps in Paris the accusation by a recent African immigrant would have been summarily swept under the rug, in the New York of WeeGee, it was another story:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, President IMF, cools his heels in NY court

While some quickly suggested a set-up to bring down a rival, and the propaganda arm of the Sarkozy forces was rather quick on the draw, Mr Strauss-Kahn does have a history of sexual predatory behavior, and no sooner than this incident lit up the headlines, than other victims have begun to sing.   The IMF promptly installed a new temporary director, and the judge in New York declined Kahn bail, citing him as an escape risk.

In France it is the custom that those in the highest offices are protected from press scrutiny, the law, or other such annoyances.   Having mistresses is rather a given for those in high places, as well as is corruption.  Thus the French have recoiled in surprise and disdain at the crude American way of dealing with such things.  The maid should have been silenced with a payment, the police and judges should have squelched it all, and Dominique, man of the world, should have been let go.  After all, power has its privileges and African immigrant maids should have none.  Or they should perhaps even be thankful for the privilege of sucking-on-command the man’s organ.

Sarkozy and his wife, super-slut Carla Bruni, who famously slept around

The tip of the iceberg

And so while the ex-President of the IMF studies philosophy in a New York jail cell, rather than cavorting in his $3000 a day Sofitel hotel suite,  others, squeezed by the draconian forces of “austerity” close shop – in Ireland, Greece and Portugal.   Elsewhere, including naturally in the USA, the same fiscal pressures applied in the name of “the Free Market” mantra, bend and twist lives, allegedly as if by nature. 

Lisbon, closed shop

Of course, if our police could move only so swiftly to act on the pecadillos and major crimes of those who work about five miles south of Harlem, it might seem more understandable.  As it is, our biggest criminals not only go free, but they get to run the whole show:  Wall Street has bought the entire government, including the judiciary, and has a free hand to do as it pleases.  Certainly Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s sexual urges, demonstrative of the corruptions of power, remain as small as the fellow in the car’s, relative to the predatory practices of our “financial” industry. 

WeeGee foto of the way gangsters end

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