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Osama and Obama, dead man, happy man

Seizing the headlines, the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s demise, pre-Twittered into the cyber-sphere, beating the official corporate news by some tens of minutes, and the authorized official Obama statement by an hour or more, has thrown the nation into a tizzy of patriotic gore, with crowds waving flags and chanting USA! USA!  This will be a momentary bit of euphoria, and then once again the steady downward grind of American wealth and its vastly unequal distribution will resume.  However, for the moment Obama has his dim-wit political opposition snookered, with the strident right suddenly stripped of one of their usual bats, unable for the moment to huff and puff about weakness, national defense, and the rest of their usual rhetorical garbage.  Obama clearly knows this, and is doubtless looking forward to the 1012 elections, thinking, “Let the best Republican win!”   He is quite aware that he is the best Republican.  And so our Kabuki politics go.

Bringing out the blood-lust element in American society, we take on the characteristics of those tribal societies we’re inclined to say aren’t up to “democracy,” societies in which honor, revenge and such things take on such dominant qualities.  Of course when one thinks of what America has done while single-mindedly tracking down the master-mind of 9/11 (or at least that’s the story we’ve been told) one has to wonder just which culture is fixated on revenge, or as some of our pundits have pondered, just who has won and who has lost?  Certainly if we add up the real costs which have been inflicted on America and the world in general it must be conceded that Osama bin Laden’s September attack has run up a bill wildly out of proportion to the costs which al Qaeda has shelled out.  Our costs are in the trillion dollar range, and include daily submissions to governmental intrusions on all communications, being manhandled and x-rayed for any flight, and myriad other assaults-by-authority on one’s person, all in the name of  “security.”  Whatever Constitutional rights Americans once imagined themselves to possess, they were shredded promptly in our hot-blooded pursuit of Osama and “safety.”  I won’t here go into the seemingly endless list of affronts which have been “legally” jammed down the throats of American citizens in this endeavor.

Once this testosterone jag subsides, the sad truth is that Americans, and for sure with Mr Obama taking the lead in it, will begin to see fit to truly put 9/11 behind them.  Which is only natural psychologically, but politically it is toxic.  The real story of September 11, 2001, has never been told, or even remotely investigated as it should.  Instead it was immediately subject to a white-wash and to the curious and indicative behavior of the Bush administration.  Subject to the first real attack on American soil in several centuries, the government insisted no investigation should be done at all!  When it was unable to get away with that it stone-walled, and when finally forced into some kind of inquiry and interviews of itself, Bush-Cheney were only interrogated, at their insistence, together, and not under oath.  The 9/11 commission ended issuing a white-wash which posited a transparently fake theory on how the WTC buildings 1 and 2 fell, and ignored the non-impacted, scarcely damaged WTC7 and its curious into-its-footprint collapse.  The list of other strange omissions, willful denial of certain contradicting experts, and all the rest of the Bush administration’s actions point to a very different story than that which the public was asked to swallow.

Bush, in class on 9/11

Look at this video of President Bush when being informed of the attack, and does it not look like a little boy who has been told his deepest evil wish just came true?   All the publicly available information on the events of 9/11, points directly to some kind of collusion and a priori knowledge of the attack.  The government’s behavior immediately after suggests an intention to hide, cover-up and use the event for ulterior political purposes, specifically to attack Iraq in keeping with the plans of he Neo-con group The New American Century, which included Vice-President Cheney, and proposed that America should unashamedly commence acting like an Empire, and do so using a major provocation as the excuse. (Note: the link is to a cached version of the website which the organization took down some time after 9/11 occurred and it had been noted that their program appeared to call for something like that very event as a trigger for their policies to commence.)

And President Obama, as with everything else, doubtless would like us all to put it all behind us.  Because he is part of the same system which runs America, and there are certain things it is better we do not know.  So we are supposed to think.

[Update, May 4, 2011.]

White House spokesperson Mr. Carney, backtracking

The crowds waving flags haven’t yet withdrawn and the White House is already altering its “narrative” of the capture, killing, execution, murder, or whatever the appropriate word is for the demise of Osama bin Laden.  As usual “the fog of war” occludes, even for, and perhaps especially for, those in its midst.   From the more heroic tale of yesterday in which an armed Osama resisted capture though using a woman, his wife, as a “human shield,” and his body duly washed and wrapped in white, per Muslim custom, and then “tipped” into the Arabian sea, today’s news yields another Rashomon-style version.  Now it is said Osama was unarmed but “resisted” and that the wife in question was wounded in the leg, while another woman, unrelated, was killed along with two “couriers.”  And the crucial missing evidence, like Obama’s birth certificate was until recently, remains unseen, doubtless awaiting an opportune moment for unveiling, certainly to be accompanied with some mealy-mouthed net-style words about how distasteful it is to be forced to show “the image.”  Certainly many hours and days of government minds calculating the damage, PR value, political effects, etc. will have gone into the equation before that photo is displayed.  In the meantime the US military or whomever was responsible shows its historical consistency in this little bit, tacked on at the end of a NY Times article today:

“But finally,” Mr. Panetta said, “Admiral McRaven came back and said that he had picked up the word ‘Geronimo,’ which was the code word that represented that they got Bin Laden.”

Apache Chief GeronimoGeronimo, right, with his warriors

There is an anecdote told concerning Sheridan during his campaign against the Indians. Comanche Chief Tosawi, or Silver Knife, reputedly told Sheridan in 1869, “Me Tosawi. Me good Indian,” to which Sheridan is said to have replied, “The only good Indians I ever saw were dead.” This was then misquoted as “The only good Indian is a dead Indian”. Sheridan later denied he had made the statement to Tosawi. Earlier that year, on May 28, Rep. James M. Cavanaugh said in the House, “I have never seen in my life a good Indian … except when I have seen a dead Indian.” That remark may have been mistakenly attributed to Sheridan.  (From Wikipedia.)

As indicated here, the United States Government, and its agencies, have had a long history of wrong-footing themselves in the communications realm.

Geronimo with General Crook

General Phillip Sheridan

Still playing cowboys and Indians.

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