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Again the censor’s scissors were out, in this case for Krugman’s Op-Ed.  Either the little man in the cubicle interpreted this as a Tea-Partier at work, or perhaps took umbrage at the vaguely implied substance of the last sentence.

America was founded on the cry “No taxation without representation.” Until the citizenry is restored some meaningful representation by those in Congress, our fiscal problems will remain and worsen. Virtually all members of Congress are millionaires or more; this is not “representative” of the American public. Virtually all of those few not in this class are either bought, or will shortly be of that class.

The American citizenry lacks meaningful representation, yet it is taxed, while many of those in Congress, and the corporations they serve, are not taxed, courtesy of the myriad means by which those writing the laws – the rich Congressmen and women – write them to accommodate their interests and those of the corporations which own them.  Americans are not, in general, well-educated, so they are suckers for the political shell game being played and they chronically vote against their own interests.

While the hyper-wealthy for the moment can’t lose, in the short long run, the present situation is a lose-lose game, for everyone.

I anticipate soon the increasing use of those Second Amendment “rights” being brought onto the stage.

Meanwhile in the everyday sturm und drang of global life the hard hand of dictatorship shows itself in Libya, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere, issuing a challenge to the Tweeted revolutions of (mostly) youth in the middle-east.  Can a virtual community beat organized, armed, institutionalized thuggery?  Still rather too early to really tell which way it will all settle, though surely if in Syria the powers win for now, it will, as in Iran, merely keep the lid on an ever increasing sea of resentment which will in due time explode.

And half a world away, only a thousand kilometers from where I write, the Fukushima nuclear power plants fester, already swept away in the tsunami of news, tucked now to the back pages.  Though its radiation now drifts around the globe, and for the moment there is no real “solution” in sight.  Instead the area around it – 12 km though perhaps extended to 18 – will become a no-man’s land like that around Chernobyl in the Ukraine, and surely in the coming years we will read of the various  diseases, mutations and other effects of radiation toxicity in the area, and around the globe.  This news is also seemingly censored, confined to specialist journals.  It would seem some powerful forces would rather the general public didn’t know about all this.

As the Fukushima catastrophe underlines – one of its major problems being the radiation leaking from the damaged spent fuel storage immediately adjacent to each nuclear core (clever engineering) – there still isn’t any solution to the matter of dealing with the very long term (tens of thousands of years….) toxicity of the “waste” product of these mechanisms.    Nor are they remotely as safe as the captains of the energy industry claim.  However the major powers of our day – corporate ones – require energy, and are as willing to fudge the books on the negative accounting involved with nuclear power (privatize the profits; socialize the costs) as they are to do so in the accounting that determines their taxes.  Lies across the board.  Just like most of the rest of “the news.”


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  1. Now THAT’s a post (the rejected Krugman) worthy of “All the Fits it’s News to Print!”
    Yet, you are right, these unruly comments are mild hissy fits that don’t bother anyone…why does the Times bother to reject them?

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