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In Budget Deal, Signs of Obama’s Path to the Middle

In the increasingly artificial charade which American politics has become, we have just spent a few weeks of supposed high drama as the matter of the budget was dealt with, as threats of a governmental close-down loomed and politico’s did their Fox minuet, pretending it was all “news”.   With clocks virtually ticking to some doom’s day conclusion, the focus of Washington and its myriad supplicants turned towards the what-if-the-money-runs-out scenario, neglecting to note that actually the money ran out long ago, and the nation, collectively as an entity, and for the most part individually as persons (and corporate person’s as well, some of them) were living deep in debt.

As the clock ticked down, hissy-fits were made, by the ill-named Boehner and his partner in theatrics, Senator Reid.  No-drama Obama, as seems his usual tactic, lurked more or less silently in the background.  Once the fake theater was done, he stepped forth to announce that indeed a deal had been cut, and compromises had been made, and made a big deal that it was the biggest cut ever.  He didn’t mention that it was from also the biggest budget ever (in natural keeping with the inflated realities of the times.)   Like all the numbers and statistics emanating from the government, as well as from its handlers, our corporate masters, it was all fake.  Unemployment is not 8% (or as Ross Douthat in his column today say “above 8% ” – could be 80% said that way) but more like 18%.  Ah, but the same paper of record, the New York Times reported that while perhaps the Main Street economy is wallowing deep in (d)(r)ecession, the honchos up at top are, gee, gosh, just getting real big fat, some of them records, paychecks for their wonderful “work” – 70 million here, 28 million there.  Hot damn.

Meantime in Washington the show must go on, as the imperatives of Broadway and the Beltway both insist.   So Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum continued to waltz on, as our Ship of State displayed its terminal corruption.

Timothy Geithner warns of economic catastrophe if the government isn’t funded

Blankfein smirks

One no longer needs to recite the figures of America’s grotesquely tilted fiscal house, one in which the guys shown above basically own the house, all the chips, and rig the rules to make sure it will become more that way.  This current budgetary crisis is but one further step in the minuet.   Having stripped America of jobs, productivity, health, and about anything they could – of course all under the mystical mantra of the Holy Free Market Economy – these wizards, with the collusion of their government lackies, now propose to yank what little “safety net” existed and reduce the general populace to their proper status as serfs.

Serf condoJohn Paulson, hedge fund manager, “earned” 4.9 billion last year

Denver area foreclosure map:  red = foreclosureDon’t look, keep walking

Vets are 50% more likely to be homeless than other Americans

Of course in all the talk of the need to make budgetary cuts, neither Republicans or so-called Democrats ever bring up that monster in the closet, which gobbles up vast amounts of the nation’s economy, that good old military-industrial complex that old Eisenhower warned us about.   The US military, among other things, maintains around 300 golf courses around the world so that the brass, if not the guy above, can take a relaxing break.    In one of the budgetary items due for cutting, it is medical care for the VA.  But, shhhhhh… not to mention, it might disrupt the show!

On a more personal note, on April 8, in replying to a New York Times opinion piece – Roger Cohen discussing Israel and the Goldstone report, I wrote – unfortunately I did not copy for myself – an item and it was I believe briefly on-line, and then censored.

April 8th, 2011
2:04 am
This comment has been removed. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. For more information, please see our Comments FAQ.
What I had written was that Goldstone, owing to being Jewish, was, whether he liked it or not, and involuntarily or not, part of a minority cult within Jews, and that he was being treated as cults normally treat “traitors.”   I said that he’d violated a basic rule of that cult, in failing to recite the mantra, “Israel can do no wrong.”
I have been censored previously by the Times, though usually owing to my use of some benign or abbreviated bit of bad-word slang.  In this case it is clearly the political view implied, and as it had been posted one supposes a reader had complained.    It would appear some cult members work at the Times (surprise surprise.)
[April 12.  Censored again, this time for a response to Ross Douthat’s slight about face, as he expressed concern that the draconian Republican Ryan-style budget was indeed going to lead the lower classes out to dry.  I suggested, and imagine this was the cause for the censorship, that our ruling elite was realizing that at the rate they are pushing, they might find their heads on display at the ends of pikes.  It wasn’t a dirty word, but a grim “dirty” thought.   If they are getting so touchy about even words one can imagine they are beginning to get nervous about the consequences of their own selfishness.]


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  1. Yeah, well, I’ve never voted Republican in my life, unless you include Bill Clinton and Obama. That’s how it seems to me now.

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