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Michele Bachmann, Representative from Minnesota at Tea Party rally

Many Jobs Seen as Failing to Meet the Basics

The Jobless See a Lifeline at Risk

Missouri Halts Extension of Pay for Unemployed

Ohio’s Anti-Union Law Is Tougher Than Wisconsin’s

After an On-Time Passage of a Pared-Back Budget,

Bracing for the Pain to Come

The above were culled from today’s NY Times, though I could have found a similar number of similar content any day in the last month or two, as America undergoes The Great Belt-Tightening. Or at least a large part of America does.  Another part is having quite a different party.  Today’s paper also noted that the following hedge-fund operators did, well, kinda OK for themselves.  At least in fiscal terms:

Edward S. Lampert earned $1.1 billion in 2010David Tepper earned $2.2 billion in 2010James Simons, left, earned $2.5 billion in 2010John Paulson, “earned” 4.9 billion in 2010

The above information was gleaned from an article in the same day’s issue of the NY Times.  To suggest it demonstrates a kind of schism in the US would be putting it very mildly.  On the same day, these charts were to be found in the same paper of record:

These graphs, for those who know how to interpret them are suggestive, even if the data is likely fudged a bit by institutional bias.  Today’s Gallup poll indicated unemployment stood at 10.2 percent, and under-employment at 19.9 percent.  These are probably low-ball figures.   The bottom graph shows what the stocks of Lubrizol corporation did immediately after David Sokol, who had been tapped to take over Berkshire-Hathaway from Warren Buffet, did after he’d bought a large share of such stocks and then suggested Berkshire buy it.  He says he did nothing wrong, but he promptly resigned his position at Hathaway when it was revealed.

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