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Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

Faced with the catastrophe unfolding in Japan, where the combination of a severe earthquake and tsunami has resulted in the failure of 4 nuclear generators, Senator McConnell had this to say:

“I don’t think right after a major environmental catastrophe is a very good time to be making American domestic policy,” Mr. McConnell said on “Fox News Sunday.”

He said that the American public and politicians had recoiled after Three Mile Island, rejecting permits for the construction of dozens of nuclear plants on the “not in my backyard” impulse.

“My thought about it is, we ought not to make American and domestic policy based upon an event that happened in Japan,” Mr. McConnell said.


[For some very dirty truths see this.]

Jefferson Davis, another famous Kentuckian

To translate Mr McConnell’s words from the Kentucky dialect this means something to the effect that:

“We ain’t got nothin to larn from no Japs and we ain’t gonna let no f….kn forenners fkn make us decide whatn to do.”

Senator McConnell in Todd Browning’s Freaks

Translated from public Senator-speak, the same words mean:

“We are not about to let events in foreign countries (where their competence may be in question) have any effect on our domestic policy decisions.”

Translate from back-room Senator-speak, it means:

“We’re not going to let some incident over in monkey-land get in the way of any business for our friends in the nuclear power industry who have always given so generously to my election campaigns.”

Diablo Canyon, CaliforniaSan Onofre, California

Note there’s 3 nuclear power stations in Ky and next door in seismic South Carolina there’s only 7.  There were several others in California but they were closed owing to malfunctions; one was stopped from being built in Bodega Bay, right on top of the San Andreas fault.

Todd BrowningJohnny Depp, another Kentucky son

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  1. I don’t like McConnell, but I love “Freaks”.

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