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Following days of equivocation, in which the US administration did the usual rhetorical mouthings about ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ while the backrooms busily calculated the nature of the natives’ uprising and how to deflate it, the sound of foot-dragging became the dominant note of the American political symphony, noted by one and all, and especially those in Egypt who were laying their lives on the line.  No one was deceived as America said order was the need of the moment, and the transfer of power from Mubarak to his right-hand man, Army General Suleiman, Chief of  Intelligence, overseer of torture, disappearances and all the usual practices of tyrants, be they Arabic or American, was the proper thing to do.  Tonight it appears Mubarak is making his move, hauling the $17 or is it $70 billions his family has skimmed off the $2 a day laborers of the Nile, and heading first for well protected Sharm el Sheik, doubtless to scurry off shortly to London or other digs.  Suleiman will take his place, mutter words about accommodating the demonstrators, as the military attempts to consolidate control – the same military which under US tutelage long ago morphed into a corporate system of production, distribution and, of course, bribery and other s.o.p.’s of iron-fisted dictatorships.  Our Barack, Nobel laureate, will sit back to wait for the dust to settle, with his military minions who have paid for and trained their Egyptian counterparts, and as noted by Leon Panella, official mobster-in-chief of the CIA, the shuffle will be done and all are supposed to be fooled.   Doubtless President Obama will mumble some articulate mealy-mouth words about freedom and democracy once again, and they will cross their fingers that the Egyptian people, exhausted, will accept the swift shift of the shells and be happy.

Unlike America’s now “professional” army, that of Egypt is conscripted, and while it offers certain benefits, especially to the higher ranks, it is reliant upon citizen soldiers.  So the question remains whether those citizens will follow unhappy orders, or break ranks.  Doubtless this is a concern of Suileman, now Vice President, as well as others of the Egyptian elite.   One feels the nervous hand of American CIA and military supervision moving the shells, crossing their fingers that the puppet strings still work.  The matter is made more complex by the alleged promise of the King of Saud house to personally put his 1.5 billion on the line in case America tries to cut off the Egyptian buck supply.  And of course the King of  Saudi Arabia has other leverage on his American friends – especially the US military, which is, surprise, surprise, the world’s single largest user of petroleum….

My uneducated guess is that the old invention of the military, the Internet, has opened a Pandora’s Box which will collapse the Empire which it was intended to protect from the communications collapse expected in a nuclear war.  Now it is the social-networking war at which government’s are proving curiously flat-footed.  Just deserves.

Let’s hope the Egyptian people don’t fall for the clumsy bait they’re being offered.  I seriously doubt they will.

White House pool reporters say that President Barack Obama has been watching events during a trip to Michigan. He told reporters, “We’re going to have to wait and see what’s going on.”

As if the US didn’t have direct communications going on with their clients in Egypt, and were not in a large measure calling many shots, even if final control eludes.   This entire sequence of events, if nothing else, has made utterly transparent that Barack Obama is a standard, Harvard-trained, Democrat of the “real politick” school of American imperialism and corporatism, someone who would feel quite at home having dinner with Henry Kissinger.   Anyone fooled any longer is, well, a fool.  Or, of course, a supporter of the corporate control of America and its politics.

The US is ever offering its wonderful lessons to the world, especially the Arabic world.  Perhaps it is long over due that we took some lessons from others.   In the case in Egypt today, one perhaps which our governmental masters in Washington will not like.   Real democracy?  Would that we had it in our Corporate States of America.


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