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Today’s news would seem to confirm the below, mistakenly published on my other blog.   Our puppet met with the not real opposition of the moment, the Muslim Brotherhood, which in a perverse manner is part of the system and was very slow on the uptake in realizing the seriousness of the present uprising, and announced Mubarak would stay until September (translate: imprisoning and killing dissidents until they, as in Iran, subside into a manageable subservience) when new “elections” will be held, all of this under the watchful,  and supportive wing of Washington, for whom “order” is more important than human rights, democracy, or anything else.  Order meaning what appears to be in the interests of US corporations, our military’s oil supply, etc.

[An opinion piece by Ross Douthat, “conservative/right-wing columnist for the NY Times today, Feb 7, confirms the above and below:  Obama, in case anyone has failed to notice it, is a by-the-book hard-core American “real-politick” practitioner in which the nation’s financial and power-oriented interests trump all other objectives.]

Obama Backs Suleiman-Led Transition

Now, the United States and other Western powers appear to have concluded that the best path for Egypt — and certainly the safest one, to avoid further chaos — is a gradual transition, managed by Mr. Suleiman, a pillar of Egypt’s existing establishment, and backed by the military.

NYTimes “news” item with this blatant editorial line.

“The transition to democracy will only happen if it is deliberate, inclusive, and transparent,” she said. “The challenge is to help our partners take systematic steps to usher in a better future, where people’s voices are heard, their rights respected, and their aspirations met.”

Sec of State Hilary Clinton

In case anyone needs translation, General Suleiman was Mubarak’s right-hand man, head of the Egyptian Secret Service, and complicit (being very kind) in the torture and killing of many Egyptians in the last decades; not to mention a participant in American “extreme-renditions.”  Thus, in effect, the US has come down firmly in support of Mubarak by proxy, the military which is funded by America, and the whole panoply of American directed interests.  Any “change” coming to Egypt at the hands of Suleiman is about as credible as the “Change you can believe in” which Mr Obama has delivered to his supporters.

To imagine that the Egyptians are going to buy into this is pure folly, leaving the option of a bloody army-police crack-down clearly supported by US policy.   If this is done, obviously because America’s oil needs are under threat, especially if the uprising in Egypt should spread across the region, it will signal for Muslim’s around the world that when nitty comes to gritty, America’s sole interest is self-interest, and all the blather about “democracy” and “freedom” is kicked out the door once a real threat to our military’s oil supply is present:  the US military is the single world’s largest consumer of petroleum.

If anyone needs further proof that Obama is totally in the pockets of the US corporate ruling elite, which has supported Mubarak for 30 years, and has stood behind endless dictators, constantly feeding weapons, training, and ideological positions in support of America’s interests to the severe detriment of those people who have had to suffer under our choices, Mrs Clinton’s mealy-mouthed quotations seemingly lifted directly from Mubarak’s recent talk in which he said that without him there would be chaos should provide final confirmation.   Along the way, if America had any shred of credibility in the region (why it should is beyond comprehension) the Obama administration just burned it to a crisp with this policy decision.

Co-conspirators in the change you can believe in

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  1. Amen to all you have written – the Obama Administration was caught off-guard and now is busily untangling the strings of Puppet Mubarak. snipping them (in a gradual, civil and pro-democracy manner,of course), with their blunt kindergarten safety scissors. And meanwhile come the U.S. “diplomats” laden with paper bags full of cash to serve as Mubarak’s golden parachute to supplement the billions in American aid he has already appropriated for his own personal use. Have you read that Mubarak owns property in the USA? Do you think the USA will be dumb enough to give him safe haven and provoke yet more wrath from the Muslim world? And where oh where did you come up with that photo of Hillary? She is one massive fail on so many levels. A Goldwater Gal who should probably just throw in the towel and retire to Chappaqua.

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