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Hosni Mubarak

U.S. Discusses Plan for Mubarak to Quit

Tipping the ever-obvious American hand in the game, the headlines announce overtly just who was and is meddling where.  Showing its persistent tone-deafness  – or it is really more a case of pure American corporate/government interests (these two being inseparable) – the US haughtily says we’ll slip in the brand-newly appointed Egyptian Vice-President, formerly head of Mubarak’s military  muscle machine, to step into the President’s seat, never mind that the Constitution there says the head of their (fraudulent, of course) elected House should do so.    Constitutions are, as our previous President said, just damned pieces of paper, and legality is a fiction, so hell, Uncle Sam once again steps in to insert a new puppet.

Social networking at work

As usual America’s self-interests betray themselves with rhetoric about democracy and freedom at the same time we jump in bed with the next CIA or US-military-trained whore.  And naturally our very well paid “intelligence” organizations are caught flat-footed again, wondering “what’s up, doc?,” a few miles behind the curve, as they were with the fall of the USSR and innumerable other assignments for which they suck up billions and deliver one-eyed costly and drastically incorrect reports.  As always with our Harvard etc schooled Best and Brightest.   Obama, feet to the fires of history, obligingly follows the military-corporate blue-print, while spewing some nice words and playing serious and subtle, but is himself no less a puppet than those he de-installs or installs in the name of hidden higher powers.   US policy in the middle-east has been so severely warped by oil-addiction and Israeli control of our foreign policy that we’re like a junkie told to cut cold:  shakes, sweat, and the urge to do whatever is needed to secure that next fix, and fast.

US guns and tear gas used for social managementResistance

Reading the frantic commentaries of the opinion pages and our professional bobble-heads, one gathers that the original fear which drove American policy still rules, especially from the Israeli lobby side: that real democracy (oh no!) would lead, as it did in Gaza, to an Islamist take-over and trouble for the alleged little outpost of democracy armed to the teeth with American billions.   I, naturally, being no expert and hence not in the nice pay of the CIA or other government agencies, see it another way.  My guess is that the multitudes of unemployed youth, Tweeting and Facebooking and Googling away are more than aware of how the larger world is, and are sick of being played for fools by their local tyrant, yanked around and wasting their lives on the deliberately fueled and distracting hatred of their neighbor, rather than on positive things like building their own country, schools, hospitals and lives.   And access to the internet has broadened their world so they see they’ve been played by their elites (just as Americans are played by theirs), who take the money and run, while waving a red-flag of distraction in the populace’s face.  So my guess is should the Egyptian people win this one – and not be suckered with America’s choice of their new interim leader (clearly put in to buy Washington time to try to rig the next phase of history) – they’ll likely turn inward, toward building their own dilapidated country to something reasonable, and not huff and puff about Israel.  And should they accomplish this, they’d likely be a far more accommodating neighbor than they are as a destitute nation played around with by a cynical and criminal elite operating in large part at the behest of America’s stupidly narrow-visioned and short-sighted sense of self-interest.

Of course I am just a Joe Blow, and unfunded with offical snooping equipment, so I must be wrong – even if my track record of beating the CIA is pretty good.

However, so long as things like this obscure the neighborly view, I doubt much positive is going to happen in the ‘hood.


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