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Paris Opera, photo by Marcella

Following 2 frantic weeks of flat-out workaholism, days of 18 hours and more of work hunkered in our little living box, a few days ago went to Incheon and in a state of complete exhaustion slipped into my economy-class seat, chatted with my seat-mate,  a young German-Korean lawyer a bit and then fortunately grabbed some sleep.  Change-over in Frankfurt and the hop to Paris, train into Gare du Nord.  The last time I’d been to the station it was perhaps predominantly Algerian; this time it had shifted to 90% French African.  Disorganized and grubby as the place is, I feared that Marcella would not find me in its largeness, but right on time she showed up at the RER gate  and we caught the Metro to near where we’re staying, in the apartment of Marianne Dissard’s parents, just north of Sacre Couer.  I had hoped to hit the ground running and be up and about on Sunday but the combination of the previous weeks of hard-core work and jet-lag found me thinking better to rest up a day.   Today it’s off to some museums and enjoying the streets.  Haven’t been here for, I think 9, years.

Seoul, the week before departure

Back in Seoul the frantic weeks included rustling up someone to listen to the sound of Imagens de uma cidade perdida, and try to dig out some of the Portuguese. A last ditch inquiry with the Portuguese Embassy begot an answer, from a man I’d met last spring at the Pedro Costa retrospective at Jeonju, Paolo Lopes Graça.  He graciously sat down with me a few hours, listening to the clips I’d culled, and translated for me, and I rushed back and dropped in  for a day, which I think will make the film a lot more palatable to non-Portuguese understanding viewers.  The film screens in the Rotterdam festival as follows:

Friday, 01/28/2011,  14:30 Cinerama 5

Monday, 01/31/2011 14:30 Cinerama 7

Tuesday, 02/01/2011 22:15 LV 6

[I’ll have a more complete notice and item on the film coming up later.]

On top of the work of getting subtitles into the film and making a final tape to post to the festival, I was also doing a cram bit of work preparing for an exhibition in Jerusalem, which involved getting old celluloid stills scanned (and getting hit with a to-me surprising $500 bill), prepping them for printing in Israel, as well as laying out a somewhat complex photo-montage of a sequences of shots I’d taken long ago at London’s Victoria and Albert museum, of the Gianbologna sculpture there of Samson Slaying the Philistine.  These two things involved a quick quasi-learn of Photoshop and Illustrator, both of which I had a slight knowledge of, but nothing compared to now (and there’s a ton more to learn when I return to Seoul).

But meantime Paris in winter for the next days.  Here’s some more images, taken by Marcella in the week before I arrived.

Bienvenue a Paris !


  1. Lovely photos. Oh,….to be in Paris.

    • Well, even in the gray cold rain, it is lovely. Today we did a bit of torture tourism – we bought a museum pass good for four days, and hit the Rodin, Quai d’Orsay and the new ethnography one, the Musee de Branly, designed by Jean Nouvelle. It is evening now and we’re in recuperating state, both Marcella and I nursing overloaded eyes and brains, and banged up bodies (feet, hips…). But, being a four day pass, with 2 more to go, it’s on to the Louvre, Orangerie and something else tomorrow. And then the next day another cluster. Friday the train to Amsterdam…

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