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David Brooks times four

Today, posting a comment in the NY Times, replying to a column by the ever ridiculous David Brooks (who writes as if he’d never left the cozy confines of a very posh suburban country club or 5 star hotel), I found my horse-race posting, #17, and glancing at what I’d posted saw a curious little addition:

Jon Jost Seoul, Korea December 14th, 2010 12:59 am

Brooks’ new recipe for “Pie in the Sky.” “In a world of relative equals, the U.S. will have to learn to define itself not by its rank, but by its values.”

Yep, we have some hot extreme rendition to sell you, and how about a “black hole” site in your country, working with the CIA. Or how about you have a lot of oil so we’re going to invade you saying you had something to do with a terrorist attack you had nothing to do with. Or how about would you like to buy our totally dysfunctional health-care system. Or for that matter, how about our kind of “democracy” which as everyone knows works so well. We got some real values for you.

And this is going to be built on the back of our ever shrinking “middle-class”, the one that’s been down-sized, off-shored, de-unionized, and turned into adjuncts and temps, no nasty benefits attached. The middle-class that is actually “poor” for a good part, but we don’t do poor in America so you must be middle-class.

What country and world do you live in, Mr Brooks. In a country-club with a library of the kinds of books you like to regurgitate and imagine has to do with us?
Yes, America

The addition was the “Yes, America” after my blog URLs.  I didn’t put it there.   Could the august Mr Brooks have done so?  Or merely one of the moderator/censors which the Sunday Times described this week?

At all events, Mr Brooks, along with Mr Friedman, seems to provide a perpetual pin-cushion for those responding, this column drawing  particularly acidic comments.  Not that it didn’t deserve it, as Mr Brooks’ waxing seemed to indicate the little glass bubble he occupies in Washington provides zero visibility of reality, but rather some warped other world where all is OK for most Americans, and if we just propagate our wonderful middle-class values to the up-and-coming world, why, we’ll just manage another American Century for ourselves, leaders of some world, though I am not sure just which he has in mind.   The mind-set which Mr Brooks chronically displays – and for which he is well-paid – is really pathological.  And doubtless appeals to that broad cross-section of America which shares his pathology and inability to perceive reality.  Very much like those pre-embalmed guys who were to be found running the USSR (into the ground) back in the good old days.   America doesn’t do “old” so we get guys who are mentally already dead but have kept their bodies sort of in good shape to act as stand-ins.


Yes, Dorothy, it’s mourning in America

A  jelly-bean, anybody?



  1. Did you catch incoming House Speaker John Boehner’s tears during his 60 Minute interview? It’s choice. This is what’s coming, another graduate of the Clown college.

    Boehner’s tear-streaked, melting face would sit nicely among that roll call of clowns above. Getting all weepy talking about his wishes that all kids have their shot at the American Dream, just like he did. Sure, he has great compassion for a dream, yet no empathy at all, that I can detect, for those Americans whose lives have bottomed out during these past two years. It galls me when these goddamn politicians come on with sob stories about how tough they had it. Then, through their legislating, go out of their way to make it doubly hard for anyone else. Yeah, it’s a laugh-riot here, alright.

  2. It’s amazing how much Obama resembles Bush more and more, metaphorically and otherwise. Those ears; that smirk; executive orders…

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