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Step’n Fetchit announces another bank heist by his owners on Wall Street

Keeping his track record perfect, Barack Obama has done as all the bookies predicted, and “made a deal” with his loyal opposition across the aisle.  Rewarding the top 2% with an extension of the massive Bush tax cut for the wealthy, worth a mere $900 billion in the next two years, our “change” man tried to make it look good by claiming some trade-offs like an extension of unemployment benefits worth, oh hell, a fistful of billions.  Neat deal.  Other fine print sees Social Security, hated by Republicans, being undermined with sneaky reductions in payments for it, thus setting the stage for its insolvency which, of course, is reason to abolish it and toss those who paid into the fund into the hands of our beneficent private accounts guys.

American middle-and-lower income BBQ Obama celebrating his newest compromise, center-right in checked pants

Jamie Dimon, CEO of Chase Manhattan bank, NY Times Magazine coverboy for story “Least hated banker in America” and happy Obama friend

President Obama’s “principles”

Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.
Benjamin Franklin  


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  1. Can we finally just move on from the quaint notion that this government will ever be reformed from within? In a sane world two things would happen immediately: total campaign reform. Complete transparency. Full disclosure. Hard to believe, but just a few short years ago, ranking Repubs were advocating this. The other thing that would happen would be the repeal of the sixteenth amendment. No longer would corporations be accorded rights as an individual. No longer would they be able to involve themselves in the election process. LIke I said, in a sane world, which is a world far away from this one. Good luck to us all.

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