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The American electorate has spoken, or perhaps more accurately, the American corporate bull horn has spoken in an avalanche of money and proven that if not all the time for all the people, at least a lot of the time for a lot of the people, advertising works.   Election returns are in and it appears the hundreds of millions spent on television and radio ads indeed flushed many an incumbent out of office,  and that the anticipated shift to the right, to Republicans, indeed happened.  Actually a Libertarian got in too.   And the traditional mid-term repudiation of the last election’s Presidential winner remains intact.   Though the tea-leaves fail to make an over-all clear indication, leaving red and blue splotches across the national map.  We do know that Mr Boehner, of Ohio, will be the new Speaker of the House.  His already announced main purpose  is to make President Obama a single-termer, and to do whatever is necessary to block all Obama proposals.

Representative and corporate bag man, John Boehner of Ohio

Given the stated aims of the new Speaker, it is a fair guess the coming two years will be a continuation of the Great Republican No of the last two years.


And speaking of “no’s” there’s another to be pondered, that of Jean-Luc Godard and the honorary Oscar which the Motion Picture Academy wishes to bestow upon him.

The Great Golden Dildo

The rumor I’d read some time ago apparently is true: as Jean-Luc Godard ambles to eighty, the august hoities of the (American) film universe in Hollywood have decided they should acknowledge his existence.  So an honorary Oscar is to be awarded, though it is more or less certain he won’t be there to pick it up.  And meantime the mere gesture is kicking up a little tempest in Hollywood’s tea-pot as some accuse JLG of anti-Semitism.  See this and this for further on that.  His apparent crime is his rather long (since the early 1970’s) support for Palestinians, along with a comment which indicated that he knows how to count when he implied that Hollywood is dominated by persons of Jewish background.  Well, duh.  But, as with Wall Street, it is forbidden to say such a thing.

JLG with his friend Daniel Cohn-Bendit, formerly Danny the Red, and Jewish

Houdini and disappearing elephant

Houdini, the famed magician and escape artist, here seen doing a trick in which he was able to make an elephant disappear into thin air.  Could he perhaps arise from the dead and do it again?

Janet Leigh in Psycho


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