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Rally for Restoring Sanity, Oct 30, Washington DC

While evidently attended by far more than the Glenn Beck rally of a month and more ago, the Colbert and Stuart Rally for Sanity this weekend seems to have scarcely made a ripple in the main-stream and right-stream press and the seeming attempt to stampede the country into a tidal-wave vote for Tea Party and Republican candidates.  The theme seems to be “repudiate Obama” and almost anywhere we look in the media the point seems pounded home.  I guess having twice as many people showing up for a rally for something as dubious as sanity doesn’t fit into the propaganda pattern.   Better the drumbeat of hysteria to rush our lemming folks off the cliff and leave things firmly in the control of our 2% hyper-rich and powerful.

Oil out on the allegedly clean Gulf of Mexico, Oct 22

Meantime word burped out of the inquest on BP’s Maconda oil catastrophe that dear old Halliburton-  famed for former CEO Dick Cheney’s bid-free Iraq war jobs in which over-billing, fraud, and doing a lousy job, were the norm – apparently peddled some cement which had failed its own tests, fobbing it off on BP to use to seal the well.   Halliburton’s stock took a 10% drop on the news, though apparently it regained some of this.  Despite a long and chronic record of illegal behaviors and dubious actions, Halliburton remains, like Blackwater/EXe, a major client of the US government.

Trevor Case, Lincoln Nebraska

Taking his cue from his government, Trevor Case, mug shot above, tied up his “girlfriend,” Danielle Stallworth, whom he believed had been unfaithful to him, and subjected her to water-boarding and other abuses, stopping only when the unmarried couple’s 2 year old daughter entered the living room where Trevor’s ministrations were being carried out.  The sterling example and legal arguments of the Bush administration clearly had impacted 22 year old Mr Case’s thinking.  He is being held on $150, 000 bail in Lancaster County, Nebraska.

Glenn Beck rally, Washington DCGlenn Beck crying


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