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Barrister Morgan of Leeds UK got right back to me with this heart-tugging photo of Mrs Helen Cole being consoled by a pedophile while being crushed by watermark.  Poor Mrs Cole.  This, naturally, was accompanied by a letter, impressively  headed by this authorized logo, which was followed with further information about Mrs Cole who wants me to disburse her wealth to the world’s needy, that being doubtless Barrister Morgan.  At least he needs to get her out from the “,” in which she remains.



5 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2  8NZ , United Kingdom .

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Barrister Morgan Owen, I am Mrs.Helen Cole’s attorney.She has instructed me to assist you with the relevant document to have access to the account.She said she has prayed about it and it was revealed that you are the trusted one to utilize this funds to better the less opportune in your society,you have been destined to do this to bring people closer to the almighty. You are to provide the below information which will enable me process the relevant document which will be enable you take charge of the account as directed by Mrs. Helen Cole. The requested detail will also enable the high court validate the WILL of Mrs Helen Cole.
1. Full names.

2. Residential address.

3. Phone number.

4. Fax number.

5.  Sex.

6. Age.
I have just been informed earlier today by the doctor that Mrs. Helen Cole is in comma. She had earlier told me about you that if situation gets worse I should contact you in order  to process all relevant documents in your favor regarding the status of her account to your name. You are being reminded of the task ahead to use a reasonable part of the funds to build a temple of worship and also help the less privileged in your society as you have been appointed by God to complete this task Attached is a photograph of her at the hospital.I want you to include her in your prayers.

Barr. Morgan Owen.

This is worse than Alice in Wonderland – Mrs Cole keeps falling in that comma! So I better reply fast and see just when they want that bank account data.

In the same morning mail, of course, came another hot deal being offered by Money Morning. Maybe you’ll want to jump in:

Money Morning E-letter
| White Listing Instructions|

Dear Money Morning Reader,

Imagine a tiny company suddenly rendering over $15 billion in drugs from Bristol-Myers, Genentech and Roche obsolete…

Because their new therapy is far more effective.


Not if you listen to experts such as Forbes Science Business, who are calling this drug “the wave of the future.”

This company is already making early investors serious profits. Estimates show their breakthrough could catapult the stock from $7 to $140. And now, AstraZeneca, Bayer and Merck are collaborating with this firm.

Please – take a look at the full story right now in our just-released video presentation here. But hurry, this is clearly a time-sensitive opportunity.

Mike Ward
Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

See their video here.

Hey, you too can be rich, which is what you always wanted to be, no?


  1. Mr. Jost,

    I too have been afflicted by the oppressive, terminal punctuation and am, unfortunately, unlikely to recovery (despite the marathon private “prayer sessions” with my pastor, Eddie Long. I would like to assign you full power of attorney to take responsibility of my substantial estate. Please forward the below information so that we may expedite the process:

    checking acct. #
    bank routing #

    Yours in spiritual solidarity,

    • Hey, I’m on a roll. Jesus must want me rich. It keeps coming in. Must be karma. I just gotta send out that info and heaven’s manna is coming my way. Praise the lord!

  2. How am I the one? God bless Ms Coles, and may she forever be at peace in her eternal home.

  3. i was also sent the same thing by barrister morgan owen in U K on 30 of june and i was also sent the u k high court approve of power of attoney to be mrs helen cole whose husband died in a plane crash and they never ask me for money,i don’t know about tomorro maybe they will ask for money.

    • One would think these kinds of scams had had their day, along with the you won 100 million pounds, etc in the so and so Lottery, but I guess they must continue to work since they continue to come, part of the razzle-dazzle of the internet. As Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” so I guess the supply is never ending. Along with the scam artists. Like our politicians, for example.

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