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Picture near mouth of Mississippi River, Oct 22 2010

Recently it’s been alleged that all the BP oil blow-out stuff evaporated, got munched by hungry microbes, or otherwise just went away, not to worry.  The above picture was taken on Oct. 22, 2010, though the Coast Guard, the record of which in the last 6 months indicates it is in the pay of the US of Corporations, and not acting in the public interest, asserts this orange stuff is an algae bloom.  Fishermen who have gone through it says it smells like oil, is sticky, and requires a solvent to clean off their boats, and they think it is aged oil.

Photo, Oct. 22, 2012

Ah, but hell, there’s an election on, and if you don’t live down there, who cares, right?  The below figures have asserted that business, including BP, should be free of regulations by evil government, and Mr McConnell if I recall correctly said BP was owed an apology.

Paul Rand and Mitch McConnellClarence Thomas, his wife, and Anita Hill

Of course the above is far eclipsed by the running soap-opera in DC, where Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife, Virginia, dropped a telephone message to Anita Hill at 7:30 a.m. the other week, saying Anita owed her husband an apology for her claims of his sexual harassment actions long ago during his confirmation hearings.  No sooner did this stir up old angers than another former associate (lover?) of Thomas’ indicated he was indeed a porn junkie, chronic sexual predator, and other nice things.  All of which he lied about during his confirmation hearing.  Virginia Thomas runs a right-wing organization, Liberty House, that receives much money anonymously courtesy of a ruling by the Supreme Court, in which Thomas did not recuse himself, which allowed such donations to be made for political purposes without revealing the source.  Conflict of interest?   Impeachment anyone?

US Government lubrication

And, in case you need a primer in what is going on and has been going on, and always was going on, read this excellent, if slightly long for web-attention spans, brief on the State of the Nation by Joe Bageant.


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