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As a kind of research, I subscribe to a few financial newsletters, just as I occasionally dip my head into various right-wing blogs, the Wall Street Journal, and such, just to keep myself up-to-date with the thinking of a large section of my fellow primates.  So each morning I am greeted with a hustle about how I, too, can get rich fast and easily.  Another one I receive is specifically about the oil and energy sector.    I have a low tolerance level for these, just as I would for the mega-church God-wants-you-to-be-rich line which I understand animated much of the last few decades (I wonder if they now preach God-wants-you-to-be-in-debt/poor?).   Outside of wandering into churches and temples, mostly in Europe or Asia, to look at the architecture and/or art, I don’t go to church, so my knowledge of the American Jesus wants you rich phenomenon is only second hand.

No, it’s not your price, it is that I find your entire logic and sense of values to be immoral.  I subscribe simply to get a taste of the pure capitalist way of thinking which surrenders all meaningful values in the pursuit of profit, no matter how.  Your news exemplifies this and reminds me each day of how sick that mentality is.

Money Morning E-letter
Dear Money Morning Reader,

You’ve been a Money Morning Reader for a few months. By now, I’m sure you’ve seen dozens of promotions for our premium newsletter, The Money Map Report.

You missed an opportunity to bank as much as 1,820% gains on a microcap oil company sitting on an estimated 40 billion barrel oil motherlode…

You passed on the report that showed how you could turn $10,000 into as much as $240K from the U.S. company that has a lock on 50% of the global lithium market….

You sat on the sidelines as Money Map Report readers saw a staggering…

  • 685% on Morgan Stanley…
  • 213% on Petrobras….
  • 127% on Yanzhou Coal Mining Co…
  • 232% on National Oilwell Varco…
  • 158% on Sinovac Biotech Ltd…
  • 285% on Icici Bank…
    … all in the last 12-16 months.

We’ve racked our brains… We can’t figure out why you wouldn’t want to be part of this.

It must be the price.

Until now, the lowest price we’ve offered the Money Map Report for is $49.50. That’s half off the retail price.

But still, you’ve let this incredible opportunity pass you by.

We’ve decided to give you one last chance. For a limited time, we’re offering you a coupon good for an additional $10 off our lowest price.

That means you can get a full year of the Money Map Report – including access to our entire portfolio of investment recommendations, in-depth monthly briefings and continuous portfolio and market updates – for just $39.50. That’s 60% off the regular price.

We’ve never offered the Money Map Report for this low… And we may never again. But, I want you to see exactly what you’ve been missing out on.

Just $39.50 for all our expert recommendations… our best special reports and investment opportunities… and access to every pick in our portfolio.

In addition, we’ll send you our Free Action Guide: Become a “Kevlar” Investor: Shield your assets and move into pockets of near-guaranteed 300% gains.

This Action Guide will show you how to make your portfolio “bulletproof” – no matter which way the market turns. It gives you six immediate winners:

  1. Get “Free” Gold – This junior mining outfit in Canada is a great commodities play and their current price does not reflect the gold they also control. You get the gold for “free”… so 300% targeted gains are all but certain!
  2. Cash-in on China’s Paranoia – The Chinese are set to install one billion security cams and one company dominates! This has “ten bagger” written all over it!
  3. Market Crash Protection – If the market drops 2,000 to 4,000 points again you won’t lose money, you’ll actually make up to 300% gains.
  4. Next Big Oil Bonanza – This is the Saudi Arabia of the future. It’s up in Canada, it’s fairly priced, it’s a solid 30% a year gainer, and it’s a takeover target – meaning you could double your money.
  5. Profiting from Bankruptcies – Companies are going under at a record pace and that means one software maker is climbing the charts.
  6. Once in a Lifetime Superstock – This nanotech company is on the cusp of the next big breakthrough in computing for potential 3,000% gains!

Sign up now. We’re certain you could make over 100 times the $39.50 purchase price in the first 6 months alone.

But, I simply can’t afford to offer this forever. Your $10 coupon is only good for the next 5 days. That’s it.

And, I’ll never offer it to you again.

So, if you’ve looked at our promotions in the past and thought, “maybe later” – now is the time to act. You’ll never have a better opportunity.

Go here to use your coupon now.

Signature of Mike Ward
Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

P.S. We’ve just heard from contacts in China that the government has decided to give millions in contracts to our “favorite son” surveillance company. That kind of volume is sure to jack up the stock price in the next couple of weeks. So get your free Action Guide right away to get in on this! Plus, respond right now and we’ll include a “quick response” bonus report that is essential reading: VAT Attack! Do You Own Blue Chip Stocks That Could Be Flattened?

On a lighter level, today’s post also carried a note from Doctor Lizzy, as follows:

Mrs Helen Cole told me to send this mail to you as at last two (2) weeks
regarding you to contact her Lawyer but I forgot to do it and now that she
is in state of comma I have to let you know what she told me to tell you.

Below are the details she gave me for you to contact her lawyer.

Name – Barrister Morgan Owen.
Email –

Thank you:.
Dr Lizzy.

To which I responded (normally I would just delete to junk/spam, but this one was too ditzy to pass up) as follows:

Dear Doctor Lizzy

Being in a state of “,” is very bad. Send me the particulars please so I can help.

Thank you

Mr Dizzy Jon

Oh, we’re all going to be so rich and so happy!!!!

One Comment

  1. It’s been two weeks and Mrs. Cole ain’t dead yet?
    how about something like this:

    Dear Barrister Owing Morgan,

    Please send $50 plus your bank account number and I will do my best to get your message out to all my friends.


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