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After an obscenely long time – since 1993, when my sole access to my own work, courtesy of H.S. Rosenthal*, was only an absolutely brutally ugly VHS tape of Frameup, made at his behest by the now defunct World Artists Corporation (which ran up a handsome reputation among independent filmmakers as a rip-off outfit, and in the case of my films, without any involvement on my part, made some really ugly DVDs), I can offer finally very decent DVDs of this film.   It isn’t perfect, having originated from a print that had seen some projection, but it is pretty clean and easily 1000 times better than the VHS tape, which was so horrible I declined to ever show it or look at it.

Anyway the DVD is available now, and if interested please contact regarding purchasing one.  In the next month or so I’ll be writing, at the request of numerous people, the first in a series of long commentaries on the making of individual films, and I’ll be starting off with this one.   Check for those.  Here’s a few images for a teaser.

[* The real story of Henry S. Rosenthal’s involvement and actions with regard to Frameup, as well as 3 other films, will necessarily be a part of the series on the making of my films.]


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