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The Reverend and the Immam

September is here, the year is even-numbered, and the great old American electoral follies with new-fangled 24/7 “news” cycling is here, and down south in Florida a reverend at the head of a flock of 50 hit the adrenalin button, latching on to the NYC “holy ground zero”  mosque house-warming tea-party, and announced he and his fellow Christians were going to have a 9/11 bonfire of Korans.  As doubtless fully anticipated, the shit hit the fan, the media descended enmass on little ole Gainesville  and Bingo, the reverend hit the jack-pot, spotlights wheeled in his direction, and surely a slot on American Idol will follow  shortly.  Telephoned by the Secretary of Defense, promised a get-together with the immam farther north in the Big A of Sodom & Gomorrah, and apparently visited by the FBI, the reverend had second thoughts, and if not smilingly (see above for the apparent state of mind), he turned tail, or perhaps remembering his supposed calling, turned the other cheek, and while in Afghanistan protests swirled out of control, back in the USA things calmed down.  A little.  Not really.  After all there is an imminent election which could turn the country one way or another, so major and minor distractions are the order of the day.

Meantime, as a hint of the real-world decay in our national infrastructure (how boring and tedious it all is) the Bay Area is having a real blast:

Do I hear a fundamentalist fulminating “It must be the gays, or to punish Nancy Pelosi, or because we didn’t let the Reverend burn the bad books, or PG&E must have been bought by the Saudis…”

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