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Cheney Still in Hospital After Surgery

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS        Published: August 1, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Vice President Dick Cheney is still in the hospital after undergoing heart surgery in early July, his daughter Liz said Sunday.
After the operation, Mr. Cheney said in a statement that he was entering a new phase of treatment for “increasing congestive heart failure.”
Mr. Cheney, 69, has had five heart attacks since the age of 37. In his recent surgery, at a hospital in Northern Virginia, he had a small pump implanted to help his heart work.

Ms. Cheney said her father was out of intensive care and hoped to return home in the coming week. She told “Fox News Sunday” that he was planning fly-fishing and hunting trips.

Is it any wonder that a man like this, who can release a statement that elides the simple words, “I am dying,” could so  connive to lie to send others off to die for Halliburton’s profits?  This man is a cyborg, literally heartless, who for the world’s betterment should have gone the way Mother Nature beckoned, and died at 37. His behavior since is clearly demonstrates the malignancy of a soulless bureaucrat escalated to the peaks of American power. May God rest his soul – but I don’t believe there is a God, and if souls exist, Mr Cheney is absent one. May he quickly go do some hunting in that Happy Hunting Ground in the sky. Would be nice if he would take his twisted family with him.


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