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Ed Ruscha

School is officially over, we’re packed and out the door in 9 hours, headed to Incheon for a long flight via Doha to Rome.  A few days there, hoping to see some friends, then Bologna a few days and to Lisbon, Portugal where the Cineteca will screen my films for 3 evenings, July 7, 8 and 9:   Homecoming and OUI NON,  and 6 Easy Pieces and Passages.  The latter was made for my daughter Clara whom I would hope to see as she lives in Lisbon, but I am sure her mother, Portuguese director Teresa Villaverde, will make sure they are hidden far away.   We move on then to Madrid, where the Cineteca Espanol also has scheduled 3 evening of screenings, July 14, 15 and 16.  They’ll show La Lunga Ombra, Parable, Passages, and Over Here.    From Spain we go back to Italy for a wedding in Matera and then about a month moving slowly in Sicily, hopefully shooting something.

In the meantime, until September, I imagine postings here and at will be rather fewer, but check in once in a while.  Meantime we’ll hope against hope that the Deepwater Horizon disaster does not, as I anticipate, amplify with the hurricane season now upon the Gulf, or a failure of the 2 relief wells, or the other possible mutations spelled out here before.   For the folks on the Gulf, let’s hope it gets stopped.  And then let’s hope this perfectly natural consequence of the cowboy capitalism championed by some makes perfectly clear it doesn’t work and needs to be stopped dead in its tracks before it wrecks the globe further.

Happy summer if possible.


  1. Enjoy and safe travels!

  2. Jon, How is it going?
    Marcella seem to be very happy with you in her homeland.
    Say hello to Marcella.

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