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David Brooks, “conservative” Republican columnist for the New York Times, apparently has a thin skin, or his editor for the comments section does.  Yesterday, replying to his column Trim the “Experts/Trust the Locals, I wrote the below, posting it early as I did to the other column by Paul Krugman, the response to which was published high on the list.  I must assume, since just to make sure I re-posted my Brooks item, the censorship mechanism came into play.  Others replying – the overwhelming majority of them – basically took  him to the woodshed for the same things, though I guess they didn’t quite plop it so directly in his lap.

Typical Brooks, side-stepping the real matters to lump it all on the problem of  Big Gov. I am no fan of inept Big Gov, but in this case the problem really lies somewhere else, landing directly in Mr Brooks’ lap: big business is the problem. BP made this mess. It made it by, along with others in the bidness world, corrupting and rigging the MMS and many more agencies to NOT REGULATE. It made it by convincing, with PR and BS, most – including our Harvard-trained President – that big corporations were good. Afterall look at British Petroleum’s clever logo and name change to green Beyond Petroleum BP. Sure. Madison Avenue con job that one. So Obama fell for their alleged expertise which was really lies. We’ll save the gulf walruses said the environmental impact report, and the snortin’ Bushies at MMS bought it.

And Obama didn’t clean house fast enough since he had more than enough on his plate left over. So now the Republican drowned-in-bath-tub government of Brooks’ friends can’t respond coherently. I wonder why?

In part because BP is lying, won’t let people see what is really going on, enlisted local government to act as its thugs, seems to run the Coast Guard, and otherwise has seen to it that things are being done wrong, just like Deepwater Horizon was done wrong – to save a few million bucks to make more profit.

But Mr Brooks can’t bring himself to face the origins of this all – instead its the usual perps, the faceless bureaucrats of some Big Gov agency who are to blame.
Look in the mirror, Mr Brooks. You led us to this but you can’t face that awful truth.

For a much more in-depth look at BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster and its ramifications, see this. For a graphic video from a gamester that vaguely shows what 25,ooo barrels looks like, see below, and keep in mind that the current estimate on daily spillage is more like 60-80K.


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