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At the circus otherwise known as Cannes, a new cryptic and hermetic Godard film was shown, Film Socialisme.   In his manner of le – the last decade or two, the semi-hermit of Switzerland declined to attend.  Here’s NY Times Dargis review. Read here for an interview translated from the French by Cinemasparagatus.  And if your French is good enough here’s some further in le mots francais.

Of course, more germane to the times is the announcement of a new video game, Red Dead Redemption, acclaimed by the NT Times a tour-de-force.  Though the apparent real tour de force of the moment is the excruciating drama unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico, where the British Petroleum/Halliburton/Transocean are scrambling to dissemble while a massive gush of on-going oil is forming a river of toxins, heading slowly towards the Florida Keys, and from there perhaps to drift up the East Coast of America, laying waste to the balance of sea life.  Like the economic disaster to which it is intimately related – Free Market Capitalism/Globalism – the evidence of its malignancy seeps out daily, staining the global commons with poison.


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