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This thanks to Chained to the Cinematheque.  Judging by this, and by the last film of his I saw,  Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl,  and what I read of his new one in Cannes this year, it appears that in his second century, Manoel is just hitting his stride.  Bravo for him.

And a few days ago I showed Pedro Costa’s Colossal Youth (Juventude em Marcha) to my class, where some fell into sleep and I sat riveted by this truly amazing film, of which to write seriously later.  For now, if it’s not likely to be anywhere you can see it soon, Criterion now has their package of Costa’s films, Letter from Fontainhas and for anyone interested in truly serious art and cinema, I’d highly recommend it.  We’ll be writing on it soon.

Ventura, in Colossal Youth, by Pedro Costa

It appears we’ll be in Lisboa this summer, screening some films at the Cinematheque Portuguese, and also in Madrid. Dates when they get set on the calendar.

[Little update: Dave at the Cinematheque sent a note, and pointed me toward his notes on Pedro’s film, which provide a useful starter.  Thanks, Dave.]


  1. Jon,
    I’m glad you caught this vid of Manoel, who inspires me tremendously both personally and cinematically. I’ve written on a few occasions about Costa’s work, and have a forthcoming piece myself on the Criterion box; I don’t think I flatter myself too much to say that this piece has offered some fleshing out to English-language discourse on Juventude em marcha. {I’m also proud of this on No Quarto da Vanda.}

  2. Jon. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y T O Y O U ~ !!

    Thanks for loaning me ‘Colossal Youth’.
    Pedro Costa’ film let me evoke Robert Bresson…

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