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Thomas Friedman “thinks

Once again Thomas “Never doubts”  Friedman or his on-line editor saw fit to censor, this time a reply to his column on Greece.   Unfortunately I didn’t save it, though it was listed by their mechanism as having gone, etc.  I had lifted a quote from his article:

“to sustain these wrenching reforms requires Greeks to become stakeholders in the process. That will only happen, he argues, if there is a sense of “justice” — Greeks want to see big tax cheaters and corrupt officials prosecuted ”

and noted that not long ago the term “stakeholders” had been used in the USA by someone with whom we are all familiar, and we saw how that one worked out.  And followed up with some comments on how we Americans would also like to see some prosecutions of tax cheaters (corporations) and corrupt officials, including the guy who talked about “stakeholders.”  And of course certain banks, Wall Street gamers, and the guys who gave a pass on drilling in the Gulf to a company that said chances of an accident were infinitely small so….

And replying to Robert Wright’s Opinionator column The Making of a Terrorist, again the item was received according to their mechanism, but not published.  In it I simply listed, for some of the more truculent readers, some of the reasons why many in the world might be inclined to attack America – the long history of US military and other interference abroad, manipulation of economies, extraction of raw materials at gun-point, bedding with convenient right-wing (mostly) dictators and puppets.  Since a number of others replied similarly I wonder why mine didn’t make the cut.  I was early as with the Friedman item.

I guess the Gray Lady should change its line to All the Comment Fit to Censor.

I note that if the comments and replies from readers provides a measure of his general audience, Mr Friedman’s have been dropping badly, and he gets only a 100 or so replies.  Other Times columnists often get 300 and more.   And I’d take a bet 10 to 1 that by ordinary standards most of us use, Mr Friedman is himself a “tax cheat.”  He’d call it “having a good lawyer.”


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