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Israeli shoot-around-corners laser gun

Recovery is just around the corner.  Announced these last days was the happy news that only 36,000 Americans lost their jobs the past month, which was somehow better than the 20,000+ some who’d lost their jobs the month before.  Less than a few months ago, but more than last month, is better than – whatever the fuck.  Spin spin spin.   Flush the toilet.  Watch the water spin.  Watch the Oscars.  Things are getting better, didn’t you notice.  Read this.

Now listen to this.

Oh, but that can’t be true.  You’d have to be a paranoid conspiracy junkie to believe any of that.  Just like you’d have to be nuts to think that WTC Building 7, 47 floors high, collapsed into its own footprint, from collateral damage while buildings adjacent to WTC 1 and 2, suffering far greater damages, stood.

WTC7  had sensitive offices in it (CIA, Guiliani’s “emergency room”).  It’s presumptive owner, Silverstein, was heard saying it would be “pulled” – construction language for “taken down” by demolitions, as in collapse on its own footprint.  No modern steel-skeleton building, such as WTC 7,  has ever collapsed owing to damages and fires far far more extensive than those which it suffered.

But we are counseled by our no-drama-Obama President that we should not look back.  That we should not have an independent investigation into 9/11 and its myriad questions:  why was the most heavily defended slice of American airspace left undefended for such attacks as occurred on Sept. 11, 2001?   Why was there an US Air Force “exercise” on that day, shifting fighter planes far to the north, in which hijacked planes would be attacking targets in the USA? (To sow confusion?)  Why did the Bush administration not want any inquiry or investigation into the 9/11 attacks?  Why, when it was forced on them, did they stonewall it, refusing to provide information?  Why did Bush/Cheney testify together under no oath when forced to?  Why was the “evidence” in the form of the remains of WTC1, 2 and 7 hastily shipped to China for scrap?  Why, why, why?

Or, why was  this report from the NIST, a US Government organization, delayed some 4 years?  And why does it look and sound like something that could have come from a Soviet institution, albeit wrapped in American rather than Russian style PR crap?

Which all makes the audio file above seem more than reasonable, however far-fetched it seems.  What could be more far fetched than the economic stresses America is now undergoing, and its warp into full-tilt militarism?  Did Germans feels the same kind of things not so long ago?

Official diagram of WT7 collapse

Jasper Johns, Target

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  1. damn, and here I thought this was going to be about a killer HD cam that shoots around corners and other “obstacles”. Well, at least it was killer.

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