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The Greatest Deliberative Body in the World (they say)

As the holiday season commences, the Congress scrambles for some last minute achievements to drag back to the Homelands out there far beyond the Beltway, those fabled hinterlands where strange creatures called voters reside, pretending their voices have anything to do with the profound movements of the universe.  Or Congress.   So what did they accomplish so far – hmmmm?  A little extension of some Patriot Act provisions for more government snooping and “security.”  Another 500 billion or so for “defense”.  And I guess whatever panel was checking out Mr Bernanke, originally appointed by GW Bush to the Fed, decided he must be great since he presided over everything that led to the Great (Dep)Recession in which we’re presently mired, so he gets another term.  He must know all about it, so better keep him in.  And, while all this is going on, the would-be health care reform bill has been so mangled, eviscerated, piled high with amendments, pages, clauses, give-aways, and favors that it is a mess that left and right can agree it doesn’t deserve the light of day.  It is not yet clear it will get passed, and if not, handing Mr Obama and his clever managers a good Xmas thumping.   Or even if so.    Perhaps for his New Year’s Resolution the President can decide to quit trying to win over Republicans, and Blue Dogs, and go with the mandate he had secured in the election.  Oh, that was had.  I think by and large he’s lost his base with his decisions on bankers, Wall Street, Afghanistan, Homeland security, Guantanamo, and the list goes on.  Having started last year with the country’s hopes pinned on him, Obama and his questionable advisers, have squandered all that and produced instead an angry and embittered country, once again being yanked around by the Right-wing and corporate yahoos.  It could have been otherwise, but it required some actual audacity, and a sharp break with politics-as-usual in America.

However, its an old story, though perhaps the stakes are getting a bit higher these days.  Sturm  und drang. The end of the world as we know it.  That kind of stuff.

Meantime, back on the ranch, for a very good blog and a quite different take on the travails of the Obama of golf, see thisThe Tarpeian Rock by name.  And the next time you hear the cry “fore” (do they still do that anymore?), wonder just for whom and for what we make this little game.


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