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Once again, the New York Times leaves me scratching my head with their all-the-comments-fit-to-print policy.   Yesterday, as soon as it was posted on-line, I responded to a Paul Krugman Opinion Page column, Disaster and Denial. I was surely one of the early posters, and yet, while the other 277 postings largely covered similar ground to mine, though some in much harsher terms, they didn’t print or indicate (as they do elsewhere) the censor’s hand.  Just invisibilized.  Here’s what I wrote:

To use that ancient old adage, “Money Talks and Bullshit Walks.”  Both houses of Congress are flooded with each of those very commodities, the former having bought the latter. Likewise the judiciary is mostly bought by the same money, as is the administration, with the likes of Geithner and Bernanke orchestrating governmental policies for Goldman Sachs rather than for the people. This unhappy reality will remain until the system collapses of its own internal contradictions, which seems well under way, or until the American people rise up and revolt. At the moment these two trends seem to be on a collision course. Whether the leaders are sheep dressed in wolves clothes or vice versa is yet to be sorted out. The GOP would seem to want the likes of Palin which would surely hasten the former trajectory, which, it seems reading between their lines, is exactly what they’d like.  Hence the failure of facts and figures in the face of wishful thinking.

Replying to two other columns, my comments were printed.  One was Ross Douthout’s Prisons of Our Own Making, and idiotic “conservative’s” slant on our mess of an incarceration policy, one mostly produced by Republican “law’norder” practices, in which he blithely skipped over the social origins of criminal behavior.  Other responders took him harshly to task for neglecting such things.  The other column was an Editorial Page item on Europe and Afghanistan, which backed the “war” in Afghanistan and complained about Europe’s failure to get all rah-rah about it.  Most of the other responses suggested we should get our imperializing butts out of places we don’t belong, and suggested the Europeans had learned from their experiences.  Few supported the Time’s view.

I got a letter a few days ago, suggesting that the failure of the Times to print was either that one was too late – which I am calculatedly not, having a nice time-zone jump on America’s day – or that they have a policy of printing only X amount of a given responder.   My guess is that this isn’t so, as I note that there are a handful of other regular responders (also listing their blog/website URLs) who seem to materialize daily.  So I remain a bit perplexed as to just what the Times policy is.

Meantime a skim of the day’s headlines shows a picture of global dysfunction equal to that presently demonstrated by all branches of the US Government.

The President meets the bankers, at least the ones who made it; the biggies didn’t – they called in


Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sach’s, couldn’t make the meeting owing to bad weather and doing God’s work


  1. The word “bullshit” probably put you out.

    There isn’t a quota per poster; there’s a total number of comments they’ll accept, whether or not the site indicates that the cut-off has been reached (“not accepting further comments”)

    However, if you posting early, don’t know what the trouble could be. But avoid obscenities — for one thing. This is NYT, after all, where everything but the truth and four letter words is fit to print.

    • Well I did think of that, and probably should have put “BS” but I am sure they reviewed a book titled it, and as obscenities go, it’s rather commonplace even in non-dirty/vulgar contexts. But I suppose you’re probably right. And if so likely a computer generated censorship rather than a human one that might have let it go in context.

  2. This greedy, gluttonous pig is partially responsible for the high cost of living! Greed and gluttony are sins against God. If the weather was that bad, I’m sure he could have rented a Hummer Limo or taken the train. The air conditioning won’t be working at his next job in Hell. This man is scum!

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