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The official terrorists

The other day, I responded to another NY Times column, entitled A Return to American Justice.  This was about AG Eric Holder’s decision to try 5 of the alleged 9/11 conspirators in New York City, and to commence closing Guantanamo.  What I wrote wasn’t printed.  What was printed was mostly shrieking right-wing cant – of Holder being a traitor, Obama being a traitor or even not being a real American and being a Trojan horse of Islamism, etc.  Along with those were a share of reasoned responses, both pro and con as to bringing the alleged perpetrators of that crime to New York, and to try them under American law.   Those welcoming this move as a return to “law and order” (that good old Republican mantra of yore) were a distinct minority.   But, by and large the tone was heated and angry, the most rabid being scarcely literate, with those taking the “librul” Times to task for supporting this move in their editorial and showing the Times was a traitorous rag of the left.

What I wrote – sorry I lost it – was that justice would begin only when a meaningful investigation of 9/11 was made by a panel of non-Beltway insiders or others high-up in our ruling elite.  A truly independent investigation which would hear engineers and scientists who would explain how the WTC buildings were structured, and how they fell.  Which would explain why WTC Building 7, marginally damaged by flying debris, collapsed into its own foot-print, as if a demolition company had brought it down.  Which would explain why the busiest, most-heavily defended airspace in the US was left unguarded while the Air Force was doing a war game that very day, far to the north, a war-game involving civilian aircraft being used for terrorist attack!   It is said that Vice President Richard Cheney was overseeing this exercise.  And the myriad other highly suspicious elements that conjoined to make 9/11 and then trigger the political actions that followed – actions which have proven disastrous for the country but profitable for some.

Facade of Deutsches Bank Building directly opposite WTC South, which with this damage, did not fall

I was concise in describing this, and said justice for the alleged and much tortured terrorists could only be found when this investigation exposed the complete facts and evidence of that day, and drew some kind of meaningful conclusions, rather than the absurd white-wash of the original investigation – one which the Bush administration did not want at all, stone-walled,  and then evaded testimony under oath when one was forced upon them.  I wrote that until something is done along this line, justice in America is an oxymoron.

But we already knew that.

Red Cloud

A friend of mine from Portland, Mark Eifert, wrote me yesterday, and passed along this story:

A few weeks ago on a bright sunny day a Navajo Indian 
came up to me and after a brief conversation said, 
"Look into the sun and you will see my ancestors".
I did for a moment and looked away. 
He said louder, 
"Look at the sun can you see my ancestors!" 
I stared at the sun long enough for my eyes to water,
then he said "hurts doesn't it".

Millions of points of despair

And it hurts America that it is still not allowed to have an intelligent, believable, factual explanation of what happened on Sept 11, 2001.  And that America’s newspaper of record would be part of the suppression.   Though not really surprising.

PS: new post up on PaginasparaClarinha


  1. as a canadien I am worried about how complacent we are about the great warrier next door.

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