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claude levi strauss

At the ripe age of 100, Claude Levi Strauss, has moved along.  Famed intellectual, academic anthropologist, he influenced a generation and more with his writing and allegedly changed the European White Man’s vision of those others, not European, White, Man or Rich.  I am not so sure it wasn’t really a brand change operation in which the fundamentals remained.

levi strauss


In America, where each new violent assault upon our peace of mind brings new waves of either introspection or blame-gaming, the press is busy now masticating away on many bones:

ft hood 2

The killings at Fort Hood have ignited the predictable knee-jerk right-wing impulse to lock up, or better yet kill, everyone with any vague Middle-Eastern name, look or quality that could be tacked on an Islamic person; the same people likely don’t know that most the world’s Muslims don’t even live there, but in South East Asia:  Jakarta, you’re next up on the hate list.  I’m surprised though they’re not taking out the present reason-for-anger on psychiatrists.

ft hood 3America’s finest on patrol at Ft Hood

The same event has brought forward a flush of navel-gazing “oh my, why us?” with lots of prayers aimed at victims and their families, and words of “innocents slaughtered” and “America’s finest” murmured by one and all, and Presidential  condolences given in grave words about the “horrific outburst of violence ” –  the usual verbiage  with which we drape our tiny little minority (these days) of “warriors” who bravely go out to defend Uncle Sam’s domain.  The trouble is all this rhetorical garbage simply isn’t true:  the military is not made up of America’s finest, but mostly of a combination of America’s most economically deprived, and usually also educationally deprived and most easily victimized by the military’s offer of a snazzy uniform, “respect,” glory and a paycheck with medical care attached.  Some deal!  Nor are military people innocent in any way – they are well-trained killers, armed with American technology’s most lethal weapons, sent, usually with overwhelmingly lopsided force, to wreak mayhem on peasants in some third world place possessing some resource or another deemed useful by their corporate masters.  That most of the pawns in this game don’t know or realize this demonstrates only how well the masters have honed their game.  Most of the President’s lamented “horrific violence” is in fact inflicted by the US Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy, who generally compete to see who can do the most.

McChrystal in Afghanistan - where's WallyGeneral McChrystal in Afghanistan, planning a new Disneyland along with Wally.


Lake_Lucerne,_Orlando,_FLLake Lucerne, Orlando, Florida

Over in Orlando, home of one Disneyland, another disgruntled soul made a minor blip on the American killing list, a day later.   Tomorrow will be another, reported or not.

AAA Orlando Fla

orlando killing

Meanwhile, out Far East, Disney and China have announced that a massive new Disneyland will be built near Shanghai at a cost of 3 billion dollars.  Perhaps the corporate masters at Disney will ship over a boatload of American coolies to do the low-labor that Chinese no longer see fit to do.  It’d be a job….

disneyslide9disneyland model

In order to accommodate local tastes, Disney assures that some elements will be changed to fit the cultural setting.

disney in china

As in Disney’s concession (after losing money there) to allowing the drinking of alcohol at Disneyland, Paris, in order supposedly to accommodate the region’s culture, the real reason for any concessions from Disney’s morality is that good old All-American one, the bottom line: to maximize profits, a goal for which any supposed corporate morality can be bent like warm rubber, as has been shown by many other American companies in their dealings with China, as well as any other unsavory place.

wall street reflection

Meanwhile, back on Wall Street, the wild ride of the last year continues, with the DOW Jones having leaped from its year long swoon down to 7,000 to back above 10,000 a week or so ago, where upon the talking heads of the corporate propaganda ministries of ABNBCBSCNNFOX pontificated, along with high-up economic honchos private and public, that The Great Recession was over.  The following days economic data wasn’t so obliging, and having broken the alleged psychological barrier of the 10K numerological religion, the market nose-dived 200 points and more.  However, then new applications for unemployment figures came in and mere half million Americans had requested aid for their new status as unemployed, on which good tidings, the market jumped ecstatically back over the mystical 10K barrier, making at least Wall Street merry in preparation for Christmas.   But a few days later the government announced another 150,000 job losses, taking the official national unemployment figure to 10.2 percent, the worst official figure in 25 years.  The market has waffled on this news for the moment.  Curiously then the mainstream press decided to make the well-known ugly little secret that official figures aren’t exactly reflective of reality or accurate, and fessed up that the real figure was more in the realm of 17.5%.  Which, naturally means the real real figure is considerably higher.

Broader Measure of Unemployment Stands at 17.5%


The official jobless rate excludes millions of people who have given up looking for work and part-time workers who want to be working full time.

bucking bronco vegas

And today, wandering in off the mystical ethers of the internet, I got my very own private personal message from none other than Mr Timothy Geithner, former employee of Goldman Sachs, presently residing (I suppose) in Washington DC where he serves as Secretary of the Treasury for President Obama.  That I should get such a missive from the Secretary was amazing to me.   To say that it is the deepest of honors would be understating the matter.  I would do virtually anything for this man.

I am Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the United States National Treasury.‏
From: Mr.Timothy Geithner (
Sent: Sat 11/07/09 4:22 AM
Good day to you, I am Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the United
States National
Treasury.President Barack Obama nominated me to be the 75th secretary of the
treasury on January 20th, 2009. I am the president's leading policy
adviser on a
broad range of domestic and international economic issues.I have spent most of
my career at the U.S. Treasury, which I joined in 1988 after having
worked three
years in the private sector for Kissinger Associates.

Before going to the IMF, I Geithner was undersecretary for
international affairs at the Treasury Department under then-
Secretary Lawrence Summers.I played a major role in the
Treasury's efforts to contain the Asian financial crisis in
1997 and 1998. A biography, furnished by the New York Fed,
highlights my management responsibilities. I am the director
of the Policy Development and Review Department at the IMF,
which has a staff of 180 people.

As a Treasury official, I Geithner participated in a number
of international negotiations, including agreement on
international banking standards known as the Basel accord,
and an agreement that created the IMF's expanded emergency
reserve fund.I am married and has two children to my Name,
also received my bachelor's degree in government and Asian
studies from Dartmouth College and a master's degree in
economics and East Asian studies from Johns Hopkins
University. Kindly visit the website below to view my
personal profile.


The United Nations have given me due instructions, alongside
with the World Bank to wire the sum of $10Million US Dollars
Only into your Bank Account in a Legal way.

For this reason I have contacted you.  Below is the
Required Documents:

1: United Nations Stop Order Document
2: World Bank Clearance Certificate
3: Proof of Ownership Certificate.

These three documents are needed before i can proceed with
the transfer of the total fund into your Nominated bank account.
The United States Department of Justice, can help you secure
this needed documents,I will furnish with the contact detail
of whom to contact, so that this transaction can be completed
without delay.

In the meantime, I want you to re-Confirm the following
details to me for your case file processing.

Legal First and Last Name:
Complete Residential Address & Age
Direct Telephone No & Fax
Legal Occupation and Position
Address of Occupation

Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Thanks and God Bless you.

Mr. Timothy Geithner
Executive Secretary United States
Treasury Department Main Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20220

Hot damn !  Now I must stop so I can, as a duty-bound American citizen, do as my Secretary of Treasury has asked.


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