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Finding out indirectly, via a letter to my blog by someone in Karlsruhe who saw it, I find out the Zentrum fur Kunst und Media has a show up now, in which my 7 screen installation work Trinity is up.   I wrote to inquire how long it’ll be there, and for some pictures of whatever form they’ve put it up.  A little odd to do so without letting me know, but…   Here’s some pictures from it:

GRAYSPIN4crp deint copy

GETHSEMANE YELLOW5crp deint copy

TRINCENTER5crpd deint

Otherwise a near-final version of Swimming in Nebraska goes off in the post tomorrow, along with a few other things, for the Rotterdam festival to consider.  Looking pretty good, I think.  Now on to Piccoli Miracoli for the coming month.

And planning winter break which looks to be perhaps hyper-busy – maybe two festivals, shoot a film in Italy in HD, get some transfers to digital of older films (Last Chants for a Slow Dance, perhaps The Bed You Sleep In and Frameup, both of which desperately need some kind of decent version as those made by Complex Corp are utterly horrible), and maybe a jaunt to Jerusalem for some screenings and a workshop.  Rather a lot in my book.

Of course it could all fall through.  Tomorrow a visit to a gallery here with some Olafur Eliasson works.  Maybe something to write about.



  1. “Trinity” was what you were working on when I first joined up on CE. Isn’t this whole thing a shot of a tree?

  2. Yes, that’s the piece – and everything except two sections made with a particle generator – one of the alphabet, and the other “the big bang” was made from a single wild handheld shot looking up the trunk of a tree – about 1 min 20 sec.
    Nearly 6 hours of material, all different from itself, made from that shot.

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