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tea leaves

Since starting Cinemaelectronica as a blog I’ve been able to track to some degree the internet search methodology which seems to guide people to a given site.  For example, since posting the items on Tehran, I’d say the number of hits on average have been doubled, with the new ones concentrated mostly on those two items labeled Tehran #1 & #2.  On a more detailed level there have been a lot of hits for various spellings of Molotov cocktail, as on one of the Tehran posts was printed a diagram on how to make one.   There seem to be a handful a day of these.  Likewise, though I don’t know which images or words prompted the hits, there are daily a handful of porn oriented looks.  Perhaps from the items on Aureaus Solito’s film, Boy, or an image from Imburnal  This random array of looks makes me wonder just what those searchers think when they arrive – are some hooked into other interests, or do they scurry on to the hard-core they need at the moment?   Do they get a bottle out of the closet and some rags and construct a little flame bomb?   Or, on a deeper level, does the spike in molotov cocktail hits suggest an underlying political impulse?  In Iran or elsewhere?  Or is it a police swoop?

As a little probe, maybe the posting of something like big boobs:


would bring in a few hundred quickly disappointed lurkers.

Or cockncuntor hot cock


I would guess the hits once this has been posted will tilt wildly to the porn side of things.  Or, to make matters messier, perhaps a listing of  American Right Wing buzz words would bring in a flush of others:

Obama = Nazi

Obama = Socialist

medical reform = socialism

blackwater heli over baghdad

Of course, if we’re not careful one of Blackwater’s helicopters might swoop down for a bit of extreme renditioning.  Though these days it would be XE’s helicopter as the privatized military force which Blackwater was has done a name change, though the policies remain the same.   As the slow curdle of the recent past comes boiling up, the top scum has them engaged in out-sourced torture and assassinations for the CIA, the better to absolve Uncle Sam for responsibility for “bad” things.   It is against the law for the American government to engage in assassinations.  Erik Prince, its former CEO of Blackwater/XE should maybe commence to look over his shoulder, if he, by nature of his business, did not start doing so some time ago.

Much of the traffic also seems to come by cultural surfing:  lots of Joel Sternfeld, Vermeer, Guston, Basquiat, Koons…




Or in architecture, hits for Foster, Richard Rogers

ghurkin foster

In a few days I’ll leave Matera behind for now, fly to Seoul.  Another teaching term arrives and lots to do.  For the moment we leave the tea-leave reading to others.



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