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Regarding $$$$ I can’t do better, so here’s Sirota spilling the beans.

This, in case it doesn’t quite tally up for you, is a kind of measure of the beans of which we speak:

Or, in case that isn’t clear, here’s another way to imagine the same thing:

A million seconds, for example, is about 10 days, while a billion seconds amounts to some 32 years. And a trillion seconds ago, in circa 30,000 B.C., the last of the Neanderthals were betting the rent on a Powerball lottery, without bothering to consider the odds.

More or less.  Having escalated in the past months from talk of billions (say, the 50 billion a year to run Operation Iraqi Freedom, an on-going production from the Bush Company, which is tallied to end up costing 500 billion or so once all the bills are paid off; well, no, its actually, depending on to whom you speak, a trillion and something) to trillions (started off with 1.7 trillion which somehow blossomed into a mere 7.3, or 10,  or something trillion, that’s of “toxic” assets, otherwise vernacularly known as nothing or shit pawned off as value to someone somewhere, while some folks on Wall Street ran off with literally billions and trillions (see above chart) in real bucks with which they bought real 2nd and 3rd and 4th houses, cars, boats, while leaving, at the end of it, everyone else to hold the empty bag, and prop up this charade with merely trillions of bucks of newly minted greenbacks.  Of course, they don’t have to give back all those gains, but you have to pay for the mess they made.

Angry?  You should be.

Unfortunately the news of the past week or so seems to add up more and more to confirm that our new President is a bit of a con himself, now out to enforce some of the Bushite “State Secrets” non-transparency policies under some new lingo.  And along the way, upping the ante and making it even worse:  according to our new Executive branch, which seems to be upholding the Unitary Executive theories of its predecessor, the government has the right to tap your phone, read your email, rummage your various accounts, and it’s all OK, and you can’t sue about it, know about it, or do diddley squat about it, and only have some kind of case if all that mucking around in your private affairs is blurted out in public.   So kiss that old 4th Amendment good-bye.  And it isn’t loathsome George W. Bush doing this, it’s everybody-loves-him Barak Obama, who seems intent on working both sides of the street.  Well, good luck.

Between Geithner, Summers, the Wall Street Bailout, Gates, and now the new DOJ pussy-footing with the law, Barak is looking more and more like a sweet-talking hustler of the worst kind.  He keeps the proper company for it.


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