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Having a bit riding on the matter, I check periodically – perhaps to torment myself – on the dollar-won exchange rate.  A week or so ago it was nearly 1000 won = $1.59, in which case my savings here (the reason I have a job is mostly to try a late-in-the-game attempt to have a little stash to “retire” on, since I have no pension, SS, or anything else to count on for the dwindling years left) have shriveled, vis a vis converting to god’s own greenbacks, by a drastic amount: when the job began is was 98 won = a buck.

However, in the quick contortions of the collapsing US economy, I checked a day ago, and it’d shifted to 1000 won = $1.42 or so.  And today, after the Fed (the fake public/private “bank” that prints up money according to the dictates of some secret cabal) decided to print up another trillion $$$ to throw at, well, AIG, BofA, etc. etc., the buck traded for $1.38.  So the pendulum seems to be following a downward path at the moment, perhaps at this rate soon to arrive back at the place it started when I got this job.   According to fiscal wizardry I consulted some months ago, come summer time the buck should be costing 890 won, so I’d be ahead in that particular game.  Or, to translate that, it means the dollar is going to go down the drain.  Guess what that might mean to you in a bit….

Supposedly.  Of course whatever shape the world is in by then, we can only guess.  Safe bet is, “worse.”   At least by some standards.  However, perhaps the silver lining to all this will be a huge drop in consumption, lessening of green-house gases, and perhaps a long decade or two hiatus on our reckless way of living, enough of a pause to let some philosophical thinking to occur where perhaps we conclude that manic consumerism, a treadmill job, celebrating mindless rich folks, etc., somehow does not lead to a satisfying or satisfactory life.  And maybe our culture will change.   Let’s hope.

Meantime a Yonsei, my classes are beginning to reveal their shape for the term.  Visual Directing, basically a foundation thing in what digital video can be beyond a cheap way of having “film” looks to be promising.  Only 5 students, but I think most of them have innate talent, so I hope to see some nice things coming out shortly.  The other class is 11 people, now broken into 4 groups, each cluster to attempt to make a short feature in the next 12 weeks while I do the same.  I have decided to cast them all in my film, and have a central little thread to follow, a kind of gentle comedy of manners of a generation which periodically points their cell phone cameras at themselves and take a shot, text manically at all times, bury their heads in little portable TVs on the metro, sidewalk, etc., and doubtless when confront with real life are due for a comeuppance.  I decided to cast the students since its the only way I can let them all “help” and learn from seeing how I make films, which is the supposed intent of the course.


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