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Here’s a quote attributed to Jimmy Cayne, above, former chief of Bear Stearns about Tim Geithner who engineered the sale of his bank to JP Morgan at a sizable loss:

“The audacity of that prick in front of the American people announcing he was deciding whether or not a firm of this stature and this whatever was good enough to get a loan,” he said. “Like he was the determining factor, and it’s like a flea on his back, floating down underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, getting a hard-on, saying, ‘Raise the bridge.’ This guy thinks he’s got a big dick. He’s got nothing, except maybe a boyfriend. I’m not a good enemy. I’m a very bad enemy. But certain things really—that bothered me plenty. It’s just that for some clerk to make a decision based on what, your own personal feeling about whether or not they’re a good credit? Who the fuck asked you? You’re not an elected officer. You’re a clerk. Believe me, you’re a clerk. I want to open up on this fucker, that’s all I can tell you.”

In All the Vermeers in New York, Steve Lack, playing a broker, tells one of his customers, in a knowing way, “No, no.  Bear Stearns is being completely honest with you….”

Indeed, indeed.

The Wall Street Line-Up



And here’s the President of Mexico, as Obama considers putting the National Guard along the US-Mexico border:

“I challenge anyone to tell me to what point in national territory they want to go, and I will take them,” Mr. Calderón said in a speech Thursday.

He acknowledged the magnitude of Mexico’s fight and added that its problems were a consequence of Mexico’s location next to “the biggest consumer of drugs in the world and the largest supplier of weapons in the world.”

And economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said,

“The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.”


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