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Of Time and the City

Terrence Davies’ new film, a documentary on Liverpool.   I have really loved some of his things, particularly Distant Voices, Still Lives.   I saw one, made in US deep south that was, well, a mess.  Some artists, and he is surely one of this kind, are lost when they leave aside something deeply personal.  In this case he comes from Liverpool, and a particular sector – working class.  And he needs that.  I’d love to see this one.  NYT review.

It’s being distributed by Strand Releasing, which did my All the Vermeers in New York.  Marcus Hu and John Gerrans – they’ve hung in all this time !


One Comment

  1. I also loved Distant Voices, Still Lives, but actually I was pretty disappointed by of Time and the City. I saw it at PusanIFF last year, and it just kinda came off as generic and fairly safe/stale. There were definitely some good parts and it wasn’t a waste of time or anything, but it was at the bottom end of films from the festival. Of course, I haven’t seen that many of his other films, so maybe I just need to get a life and love it.


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