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David Brooks, seemingly everyone’s favorite “conservative” commentator, today published in our dear Gray Lady, another of his nuggets of alleged wisdom.  Therein he explains that, golly, gee, the, or those, conservatives, holding onto their rigid beliefs about the magical market economy, had, as Mr Greenspan recently confessed, fucked up.  Everyone is not rational in their decisions, etc.   So Mr Brooks, a grown man (hard to believe) finally figured out that people don’t actually behave according to classical market theory.  Wow!   He doesn’t say words like “corrupt” and such, god forbid.  Nor does he make a linkage between the adorable Bush administration and its endless litany of total lies – an administration which he, like most of his ilk, fully supported until quite recently.  Nope, not old Dave.  He, like Bush, is not about to take responsibility for anything he thinks he can evade.  After all, he’s got more little crumbs of well-paid wisdoms to toss our way, and should he, like Mr Friedman, or the horrid Mr Kristol, fess up to failure, well they just might lose their job – not that some right-wing “think” tank wouldn’t take them in so as to avoid any drastic changes in accustomed life-styles.  Wouldn’t want our shrill (and in Mr Brooks case, less shrill) PR flacks, to have to suffer for their services on the ideological front lines.

Here’s another not-to-be-published letter to the editor of America’s supposed paper of record:


It is amazing that our pundits can weave so many words to explain a fundamental and ancient wisdom such as that humans are selfish and greedy (not to mention other unpleasing qualities).  Mr Brooks, a  so-called “conservative,” in many paragraphs still evades using these words, while challenging the alleged conservative belief that a market economy functions efficiently on its own, better with less or no regulation than with regulation.  Mr Brooks was in full support of a President who lied to the American people about Iraq’s ties to 9/11, about WMD’s, and myriad other things.  The departing administration, with the complicity of the mass media, established a norm of no accountability for total corruption – fiscal, moral, ethical.  And, surprise, surprise, the mavens of Wall Street took this example and emulated it in spades.  Are we surprised?  Is Mr Brooks surprised that an era of complete abdication of responsibility, accountability, and ethics, all under the banner of alleged “Christian” values, has led us to this point?  Can he look himself in the mirror and claim he is blameless?


And a little next-day addendum, underlining that like the Declaration of Independence says, we have a government of the banks, by the banks, for the banks, never mind what Mr Lincoln said:

The F.D.I.C. announced separately that it would soon propose to extend its guarantee on supporting new consumer lending to 10 years, from 3 years.

“The U.S. government will continue to use all of our resources to preserve the strength of our banking institutions and promote the process of repair and recovery and to manage risks,” regulators said.

As noted earlier and elsewhere, for these folks the most important matter is to keep the system going since they are incapable of imagining any other method of distributing social wealth.  Uh, lessee, I think something like 1% of ‘merkans own-control, uh, like, you know, 80% of the goodies.*  Don’ wanna change that, now do we?  Gotta keep this system, even if sometimes it seems to run outta control.   And note how the despised-by-“conservatives” regulators have now become nice guys, shelling out dough to cover up bank, um, mistakes, errors, miscalculations, now not for the next 3 years, but 10.  So take ’em up on those juicy credit card offers and mortgage loans for minus % since now Uncle Sam’s gonna bail ’em for a decade.  Keep it all in the house…

[* This may have changed in the current wealth adjustment phase since a few trillion bucks of “ours” just got tossed to poor little “them.”]

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