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As a little break from the sturm und drang of the political moment, I suggest a look at the images to be found here.

Aside from being beautiful, there’s some interesting optical illusions – the crater that looks like a mound and such – but also the closeness to our mother earth prompts some thoughts about us, our tiny little space in the cosmos, and such.  Then we can get back to the in-the-moment of our dismal politics: the intractable obscenity of present events in Gaza, nevermind Iraq (another whatever killings), Afghanistan, and let’s not mention Africa or…  And, closer to home, there’s the ongoing heist of the millennia, as Bush and Obama hustle the Congress to turn over an OK to run-up another 350 billion bucks to toss at our good friends, the bankers and stockbrokers, cuz gol’dern if we don’t the system is gonna collapse and we wouldn’t want that, never mind how clearly much the system is wanting.   The numbers are numbing, and these sharks shuffle the cards to fast there’s no accounting for how many trillions of greenbacks have already been shunted into the system’s system.  Some translation is due:

One trillion is written: 1000000000000

Or to help out slightly: 1,000,000,000,000

Thus far it appears something on the order of $3000000000000 (three trillion) has been shoveled by the tax-payer into the eager pockets of oil scammers (the $150 a barrel of not long ago was an Enron-fucks-California type operation), the military-industrial complex (otherwise known as post-Eisenhower warning business-as-USA-usual, or Wars-R-US) and now the supposed housing-bubble-bail-out-Wall-Street con.  Actually 3 trillion is probably vastly underestimating this grand theft by the pin-striped and bemedaled sorts to whom America normally genuflects.  Lean over JQ Public, we got something for you.

Unfortunately another bubble is already bursting, even before its been officially ensconced:  Obama, our savior of reasonableness, hope-hyped to the skies, is showing himself to be less than distanced from the above mentioned scammers:  fiscally he’s surrounded with the same old folks with the same old save-the-system solutions (“give us more money”), and in the warring department he’s keeping Gates, and saying look forward not back to the endless tramplings of the law by Bush administors.  Nope, don’t wanna rankle anyone in th CIA, Pentagon, etc.  with any actual investigations into what’s gone on the last 8 years, whether its massive corruption in about every department, lies about getting us into Iraq, or, of course the absolutely not-to-be-touched matter of just what actually happened on Sept 11, 2001.  Not gonna touch that one.

And if, as seems the Beltway wisdom (they can use that word!), all of the opening gambits of America for the 21st Century are to be swept under the rug, well then same old same old, though newly wrapped in a darker than tan President, who murmurs nice words memorialized by Rodney KingWhy Can’t We Just All Get Along Together?” and in another context might be heading toward Step’n Fetchit-ville.  I’d like to think not, but for the moment that seems to be where things are sliding.  If so, we’ll get our deep recession or Depression, and when things shake out, the rich will be richer (again) and the poor will be poorer, herded by desperation and seeming necessity into kow-towing to the likes of GW Bush (whose performances in interviews and his last press conference do indeed suggest a genuine sociopath, of the Hitler kind – Mr Schickelgruber, when all was said and done, blamed it on the Germans !) and more bankers and others who flaunt their wealth and ride unhindered to their 2nd and 3rd and 4th homes while lowly citizens are tossed onto the streets.

And to wrap up with something beautiful again, here’s another image.

The above looks like one of our more avant architects having a wet-dream, however it is merely (!) a glass sponge.  The architects should be so good….

And for a final bit, something positive, read this item about a modest matter we wealthy people of the US, Europe and similar places take for granted:  Eyes.


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