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For a thoughtful contemplation on the little sphere seen here, see this comment by Oliver Morton from this day’s New York Times.  It’s worth your time to read and think about.

Meantime here is another note, also from the NY Times, demonstrating how much fame can do for you, and though I completely agree with the sentiment I wonder if you or I had submitted it to them for publication, just what would have happened: straight to the cylindrical evict device I would bet.

Yoko Ono

Well, for those into such things (I am decidedly not) Merry Christmas and in a week Happy Gregorian Calendar New Year!

A little filmmaker note here at the end: while the film made with my students is off to Rotterdam (Love in the Shadows – new name for it), the other day I got a reject for my and Marcella’s two films – seemingly owing to a little screw-up on their part in which DVDs sent well in time were sent back to USA for a local to review, and then belatedly my contact saw them a bit too late to shoe-horn into the schedule.  Or so he implied.  I wrote and said in sending them all I felt I’d been competing against myself, though I’d already decided if it was only one film that could go, and he liked the Love one, but also one of the others, I’d ask that the student one went first.  I’ve been there many times, and it’d be good for them.

So my contact, whom I consider a friend, sent me this:

Dear Jon,
You were always competing against yourself. Most filmmakers make 1 film in 3 years and you can make 3 in 1 year.
And festivals are like supermarkets; they want different brands on every shelf.
Sorry about this. I understand, but I am happy with Love in the Shade, it is nice and
Thinking about going to Africa…
I saw Sangwoo and Sihyun for lunch today, and they’re both plotting to go and happy and excited about it.  I am for them, and jaded as usual for me.

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