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Yesterday there was a meeting by the ruling (Conservative) party, preparing to put onto the floor a US-Korea bi-lateral free trade deal.  Those meeting, fearful of interruption from the opposition, locked themselves in a room, barricaded the interior with furniture, while outside the room this mayhem occurred.  It apparently succeeded in delaying having the measure from being taken to the floor for consideration.   The opposition’s main objection was that the measure would harm Korean farmers.  Back in the USA it appears the same item is in for heavy sailing owing to opposition that feels the deal would harm US carmakers.   If only our home-grown Democrats, when they were in the opposition under Bush-league rule, had shown a sliver of such commitment when they were locked out on issues like … well there are too many to list.  Spying, illegal invasions and wars, torture….

Meanwhile back in Athens, they’re still at it….


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