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President G W Bush is bid farewell by his good friends in Iraq

Ducking a flying shoe, in Arabic terms about the worst insult one might have flung at you, George Bush visits the place of his greatest act, to celebrate the muddy non-ending of 5+ years of illegal invasion, occupation and decimation of Iraq.  Way to go, Bushie.

Meantime a little cinema news, today got word that LOVE IN THE SHADE, a three part ominbus film made with my students a term ago, has been invited to the Rotterdam festival.  It’s composed of 3 thirty-minute short films based on the topic of love.  One part was done by LEE Sangwoo, who also plays a lead role in all the films.  His is titled Karma, and is about a man who falls in love with a marriage store mannikin.  The second part, Silence, was done by MOON Sihyun, and hers is about a man whose wife has died, and he keeps her going as it were until she starts to rot, and he chops her up to put her in the fridge, to keep having her.  Last part,  Mr Right, done by myself with students playing all the roles, is about the gotta-get-married pressure which seems endemic (and damaging) to young people here.

I’m very happy for the students that it was invited, and I think one of them will be able to go thanks to Korean government grant for such things.  Still awaiting word on whether PARABLE or the newly retitled THE RANTING EYE, get invited.  If so, we’ll be going too.


  1. Hey that’s great news. I really enjoyed Mr. Right, so I hope it does well. When do you hear back from Jeonju?

  2. This is the biggest event of the century. It is the toughest slap on the face of ugly Americans all those who think, act and fool like George w Bush.
    There is a lesson here to Obama too!!

  3. Even in India to hit someone with shoes on his head is one of the worst sort of insult one can inflict on someone, I think it is an Asian thing. It may be inappropriate, but I think he needs a few more.

  4. congrats on Rotterdam. I believe the shoe video will be one for the history books.

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