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3. Geez, why don’t we stop kidding ourselves and raise the hammer and sickle? What a maroon.
Submitted by: JR

This was the response of one irate reader to an LA Times columnist (the car columnist) proposing that General Motors be nationalized, and managerial control be taken to direct it to making something other than mental SUV’s. There was another knee-jerk response along the same line – our hotrodder guys tend to the Right. One would like to think the above scrivener’s “maroon” was ironic, however it is doubtless not, but rather indicative of the thought-level of the man. Dumbness has been well inculcated into our grand republic, and code words act like neuron triggers in many: liberal, left, socialist, commie. Any time the concept of social responsibility confronts the matter of the virtue of a “free market economy” these red flags immediately appear. So what if under the rubric of a “free market” the managers run their mega-corporations into the ground, then tossing them 10 billion bucks or more of public tax money (actually most of this of late is not tax money; it is artificial printed paper of zero value) is the solution, but somehow that is not “socialism.” Just as in no-bid contracts issued to Halliburton to steal a billion here and a trillion there is not socialism, just good-old “free marketeering.” Just ask Dick Cheney. Or discount rates for farmer’s on publicly supported water systems like the California Acquaduct feeding Central Valley’s rich farmers. Or the myriad other manners in which public funding is the trough of ardent supporters of “free markets” – especially, for example the war-profiteers of the military-industrial complex.

“Maroons” uber alles.



  1. Nationalize the Big 3. There is no other way, at this point. It worked for a badly broken railway system, back in the seventies. Gubbamint took it over until it was making a profit, sold it off, and added billions to the treasury. So, let them fail. I expect Chrysler will be the first to go- it’s owned by Cerebus Capital. That’s a private equity group. And you’re gonna tell me The House is gonna vote to give taxpayers’ money to Private equity? Wait a minute…They actually may, because they think we’re stupid. And to the extent that we allow this kind of tomfoolery to happen in our name, we are a bunch of dumb passive fucks.

    Over in India, its citizenry has taken to the streets in a show of protest against what is rightly considered to be a failure of intelligence, which led to the Mumbai massacre. Good for them. Over here, we take to the streets with the same passion only when a department store opens its holiday shopping doors, trampling a minimum wage earning security guard just so we can beat our fellow man to the best goodies within.

    Go ahead, Let them fail, I say! And be not surprised at the misery and further damage to this economy which will ensue.

  2. Brace yourselves, children. After the asskicking these Big 3 execs too before Congress, and from I’m hearing on the tube, we can kiss the auto industry buh-bye. Oh my goodness, what is about to happen? Be afraid, be very afraid.

  3. “One would like to think the above scrivener’s “maroon” was ironic, however it is doubtless not, but rather indicative of the thought-level of the man.”

    Lol, that’s hilarious. Great blog man, I’m glad I’ve found it!

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