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Preparing for the Greatest Depression

As the bad economic signs keep tumbling in, and the managers of “the system” keep printing up billions and trillions of paper bucks backed only by the totally-no-longer-existent credibility of the US government, JQ Public is wisely preparing for the worst, as in see the above.  Elsewhere manic shopaholics killed a Wal-Mart “Associate Greeter” in their crazed need for another final fix.   On the other hand the system managers lamented an expectedly very lackluster Black Friday, when predictions were correct and this shop-til-you-drop bit of American lore did not push retailers from red into the black (ink) but rather only confirmed imminent foreclosures at the local mall, GM, Mainstreet, Citicorp and other fabled brands of America’s consumer culture.  Or…

Which happens when an economy in which 70% of the GNP is “consumption” reaches the brick wall towards which it was structurally headed from the outset, and that place, which presumably “produces” 30% but gobbles up 70%, reaches its own asshole.  In the colloquial, “eat shit!”

Sadly, as the new managers prepare to move into the White House, the mantra we are hearing is exactly the same one which Our Great Leader (TM) offered in the days after 9/11 (InsideJob): go shopping !!! In the case of the new Obama team this mantra is prefixed with the proposal that the government print up as much money as needed in order to stuff the JQ Public pockets with enough paper so that they can go shopping.  But, bottom-line (and in a Market Economy System such as ours, that being the single and only viable world-historical model for organizing a culture, it is the bottom-line which is the be all and end all of our existence), it is Shop ’til You Drop, an order issued from the Commissars on high in our, uh, Centralized Economy.  That these commissars wear a corporate mantle makes little difference: they are the Central Organizing Committee, and no matter how little economic, ecological, social or moral sense it makes, they have issued the marching orders and it is your job to go fucking shop.  Dammit.   Pretty please…

Otherwise the faults of the system might become a little too evident.  So the guy above, having charged his card, will glue his face to the upcoming Bowl games and then the Super Bowl, and whatever circuses will distract him from the fact he ain’t making no bread no more.  The system’s solution to our problems, is, as ever, more debt, which is somehow supposed to be more palatable when it is issued by Uncle Sam.

Timothy Geithner, the next Sec of the Treasury, and his boss.  Geithner has been up to his neck in bailouts of Wall Street biggies Lehman Bros, AIG, etc. and in the new administration his charge will be to rescue the system.

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  1. Dude’s got his 40 inch. In his mind he’s got it made. I hope his job’s equally secure. Love that American dream.

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